Haiti: Problem Solved (?)

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Today is Sunday and I was going to post something clever and witty….but then I was brought back to reality by the sure STUPIDITY of the nation’s of the world…..

Comedian Ron White says , “you cannot fix stupid”…..and the world is proving his point……

I, like most of the world, have been disgusted with the snail’s pace of the distribution of needed supplies to the people of Haiti….I have bitched along with many other bloggers about the idiocy of the distribution……but I had only thought that I had seen or heard it all when it comes to Haiti….

I spotted this article yesterday while trying to relax and catch up on the day’s news…this piece was in the NY Times in an article written by Damien Cave:

After two weeks of often chaotic food distribution, the United Nations announced plans on Saturday for a coupon-based system that aims to give rice to 10,000 Haitians a day at each of 16 locations around Port-au-Prince.

The new program — with the first coupons delivered Saturday, and food to be distributed Sunday — ends what officials described as the “quick and dirty” initial phase of emergency response, but it is also an admission of what Haitians were saying for days: that the system failed to reach those who needed it and was often exploited by those it did reach.

Who came up with this pile of manure?  Wait for it there is more…..

Over the next 15 days, Mr. Prior said, aid groups and United Nations workers will go into neighborhoods and distribute coupons that allow each family to receive a single 55-pound bag of rice. A similar coupon system has been in place for about a week at some of the smaller tent camps — for instance, on the lawn of the prime minister’s office, where the German Red Cross gives out food twice a day.

I am sorry but if this is the best idea these pricks can come up with then the people of Haiti are TOTALLY screwed!

Let me see if I have this right…..they go to the people and give them a coupon so they can show up the next day a get a bag of rice…is that the plan?  This is bullsh*t on so many levels!

One….why not give them food the day they see them?  Second, most people live in a tent for god’s sake…how will they keep a 55 lb bag of rice safe from the elements or looters?  Who was the f*cking mental midget that had this brain storm?

Once again…I will illustrate how simple it is……the UN divides the country into sectors and each major power involved gets on…they are responsible for the feeding and care of the people of that sector……that way everybody gets to be the hero and most important people get FOOD!  You dipsticks do know what a helicopter is, right?  As the scenario plays out in Haiti we all see just how pathetic the rest of the world is….no one country has a corner on stupid…..as I have said….I am watching the same scenario from Katrina being played out in Haiti….complete incompetency…….

Petty posturing is so damn lame that it makes most normal individuals ill….15+ days into the quake recovery and this is the best plan to feed people….when 2012 gets here WE ALL ARE F*CKED!

My friend Quin at Quintessential Havoc (go to blogroll a good informative blog) brought up an excellent point….could all this be deliberate?  I want to say NO but then we are dealing with egotistical a/holes……any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Haiti: Problem Solved (?)

  1. Yeah, makes you wonder, doesn’t it? But you mention the tents…

    A UK TV crew went to a site they were told was being turned into a tent city to give people shelter and aid while things got sorted out in the real city.

    Waste land – nothing – nada – nix – zilch – not even one scavenger, let alone a fucking tent!

    Then they mentioned this choice piece of info… things are being based around these super efficient, lightweight and relatively cheap tents that are ideal – but there’s one small snag though – nothing like enough of these tents even EXIST IN THE WORLD so they’re busy trying to get them made!

    Like I said – it makes you wonder about these people…

    1. Geez….it makes me sick at the level of incompetency of the world’s nations….this is not rocket science…..egos and who gets credit seems to be the only thing these assholes are capable of…….

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