Plan For Haiti’s Relief

More than two weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the supplies are still not getting through to the people on a regular basis and seems to be a major hold up for some reason….there seems to be some petty envy among the participants of the distribution of supplies…that alone is thoroughly absurd….people are suffering put your goddamn envies to bed and help these people….

I have heard that part of the problem is that the roads are impassable in places…WAIT!…..have any of these morons ever heard of a helicopter?  Divide the country up into sectors and let each country that wants to be the hero take a sector…..set up easily controlled distribution sites and then go to fuc*ing work…this is not rocket science….or maybe it is……

Are you telling me that the brilliant minds that start wars cannot figure out how to distribute emergency supplies?  Set up a field hospital on the grounds of the destroyed presidential palace…it is fenced and could be easily protected from anyone that feels froggy and wants to attack…..or use it as a main supply point for the same reason….

Let the UN go in and section off the country and assign each section to a country that has a presence there….

I see the US has learned nothing from Katrina…there were plenty of supplies but they were outta reach of the people for days and even a week or more….sound familiar?  You would think that we have learned from our mistakes…apparently we have learned NOTHING in the science of getting emergency supplies to people in need….ALL the people….

I would like to apologize to the people of Haiti for the arrogance, ignorance and stupidity of the world….especially the industrialized world…..

4 thoughts on “Plan For Haiti’s Relief

      1. My pleasure. I’d like to point out to those who might think otherwise that I have not been and am not “America bashing”, or being “anti-American” at all.

        However, whilst you do include the “industrialised world” in your statement and there are undoubtedly a HUGE number of nations involved there with a massive amount of aid and some military/logistical people, it is the US that has by far and away the largest contingent present and it is effectively the US military that is in control, whatever they might claim.

        The real criticism as far as I’m concerned is not the effort that’s been put in by everyone including the US (it has been speedy, very big and extremely laudable in many ways), it’s – like you say with the Katrina experience – they COULD, but they’re NOT! Which makes one ask, is it deliberate, or are they really so utterly stupid?

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