Is The US Moving Toward Isolationism?

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First of all….do you understand what isolationism is?

Isolationism is a foreign policy which combines a non-interventionist military policy and a political policy of economic nationalism (protectionism). In other words, it asserts both of the following:Non-interventionism – Political rulers should avoid entangling alliances with other nations and avoid all wars not related to direct territorial self-defense.

Protectionism – There should be legal barriers to control trade and cultural exchange with people in other states.

Now we have an understanding of the topic…….but does the US seem to be moving in that direction?

In a recent Pew Poll the following results were recorded:

a plurality of Americans — 49 percent — think the US should “mind its own business internationally.”. Not surprising that the country is turning inward during tough economic times, but this is still a dramatic number.Matched only by this: for the first time a plurality of Americans — 44 percent — see China as the world’s leading economic power. Only 27 percent name the U.S.

Read the rest of the Pew findings HERE.

The early history of the US was full of the sentiments isolationism:

Proponents of non-interventionism distinguish their polices from isolationism through their advoacy of more open national relations and free trade. Examples of supporters of non-interventionism are Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who both favored nonintervention in European Wars while maintaining free trade.  (Thanx to wiki for the info)

The US was NEVER fully isolated….we have always involved ourselves in other countries affair…..but in a public face we were isolationists….all that public BS came to an end first with our involvement in WW1 and finally was eliminated as a public face with the attack on Pearl Harbor and the US has been nosed in to the world ever since.

But today it appears that the American people are embracing the idea of isolationism a little at a time…the recession is making Americans worry about their personal economy…..they are starting to think that all revenue needs to be used here in this country….that wars and our foreign policy are using up funds that could save Main Street from a total collapse….

As the job situation gets worse and prolonged the more Americans are saying that we should mind our own business and let the rest of the world take care of themselves…..

Another part of the whole isolationism thing is protectionism…..I recently wrote on this phenom before….basically it is a return to “buy American”.  As jobs are lost the call for protectionism gets louder and louder….some see it as a way to protect what few jobs are left in this country…….as the situation on Main Street gets worse the calls for more of an isolation posture will grow louder.

As a side note…..I have always supported the idea of using American revenue here at home first and then if there is any left over then let the world ask for our help….charity begins at home….and the United States is home.


2 thoughts on “Is The US Moving Toward Isolationism?

  1. It’s an option. I do agree with the sentiments, in theory at least. I do agree with the charity begins at home… Let’s face it, there’s not really enough to go around the whole world, is there?

    I mean, after you’ve dealt with the essentials, then there are HUGE numbers of charities at home that most politicians would favour supporting, aren’t there. For instance, there’s themselves and then there’s their family members and friends too (plus a lot of mistresses and gigolos as well)… and then there are those that will help them to get re-elected and some rich buddies and there… well, there must be loads of them… why waste all that money on some African or Asian you don’t know – unless of course you want to clean up AIDS in Africa at some point to make sure all the women are safe for visiting politicians and rich bastards too fuck.

    I sort of agree with the staying out of other people’s conflicts too and America (like parts of Britain) is ceratainly heading that way. There have been a few cases recently where quite large groups of teenagers have stood and watched as a girl gets gang raped. They even take pictures and videos on their phones so they can prove what good non-interventionist citizens they are. That’s progress, isn’t it?

    Still, there’s nothing that new (quite a few Americans have always thought they can operate isolationism as some kind of one way street that the rest of the world will just accept) or even a problem with the US turning in on itself and closing its doors. I’m sure the rest of the world will soon learn to ignore you and probably won’t even notice you’re gone after a while.

    So, yes. I think you might be right. Of course, there is the slight concern that, when Sarah Palin gets elected President in 2012, opens her big stupid mouth at the wrong moment and starts WW3, you might find yourself in need of the odd ally??? Still, Americans can just face that problem when they come to it, eh? That’ll be round about the same time they start to think about global warming – as the soil all across the States finally ignites and starts to burn (naturally that’s except for California and New York of course, which will both be submerged by rising sea levels) 😈

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