Somethings never change….regardless of what the pundits want you to believe.

Bi-partisanship is just so much crap!  This term has been thrown around in the news as well as Congress for well over a month.  Both sides, Dems & Repubs, have accused each other of not wanting the practice to be used in Washington.  Maybe this term should be put on the list of words and terms when used, a donation of a $1000 could be sent to a worthy charity.  In the last month someone would have had their budget increased.

Bi-partisanship?  What is it?  Good question and it will depend on who is defining it for you.  To me it means that both parties in Congress work together for the better of the country.  After you decide on your definition then ask who really is practicing it in Washington?

First, both sides have got to want to work together.  After the last election, it would be a pipedream to think that partisanship was going to work.  Why?  Repubs are pissed that they were handed their butts in the election.  The Dems feel that they have a chance to pass all the programs that the Bush days could not.  For those two reasons the partisanship is getting deeper.

And then there is the fact that ALL politicians are looking ahead to the 2010 election.  Dems thinking that they could knock off a few more Repubs if their plans work.  The Repubs thinking that they can regain at least control of one house of Congress if the plans fail.

It was so important that everyone point fingers at each other, condemning each and then instead of working together they take a vacation–and still very few have even read the 675 page stimulus plan……thinking……how can you be for or against this plan if you have not read and understood it?  You can if partisanship is the only thing that matters.  The people are not even stumbling blocks anymore.  They are just ignored completely….that is unless you are 7 foot tall while standing on your wallet.


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