Closing Thought–23May17

Roger Moore, the 3rd James Bond, has passed away at age 89 of cancer…R.I.P.

Does Anyone Care?

They are out there, blind Trump apologists, doing all they can to protect this yutz from the truth……

During the 2016 campaign Trump made many promises and since being elected has done very little to fulfill those promises.

I have pointed out where he has failed to deliver on several occasions and have never found a supporter that cares that they were lied too to get their vote.

Remember when Trump said he could shoot someone in the street and not be arrested? (a paraphrase)  Looks like that may be true.

It is very confusing because Trump predecessor was called out constantly over his promises and his failure to give those promises to his voters….so what is the difference between the two presidents?

If you were paying attention to what we learned about Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, then you know that the president of the United States was once the impresario of a student-swindling Trump University, the founder of a Trump Foundation designed for tax evasion and illegal self-dealing, and the chief executive of a Trump Organization that has long relied on various techniques of grifting, from rip-offs of workers and contractors to serial bankruptcies.

And if you know all that, then you cannot be surprised by the way that he and his family have conducted themselves during the first 100 days of his presidency, which is also the way they will behave until they leave or are removed from the White House. They have misused the office of the president to enrich themselves in ways that none of Trump’s predecessors, not even the most venal, could have imagined doing.

Source: Trump voters are willing to be conned as long as he deports immigrants and bombs the world –

His brain dead supporters will stand by him even when he may be endangering our national security… when he gave classified info to the Russians.  His pea brain supporters try to deflect his betrayal of the country by pointing to an Obama thing about the missile codes……the problem with that argument is Obama did not give the codes and Trump DID disclose classified into to the Russians….so they argument is as lame as the supporters choice for president.

Thanx everyone for your participation and I will see you guys tomorrow…….chuq

Mueller: Man Of The Hour

A Special Counsel has been named…Robert Mueller, the former head of the FBI has been tasked with the duties surrounding the Russia thingy…..and he quickly became the talk of the town….DC that is…….

(Don’t worry this will not be the story it was a couple of days ago….but it will make a comeback….in due time)

And as usual the Right wing dolts are doing their hatchet job in protection of their petty dictator….

There are pros and cons about this person….since few will give you both at the same time then let me be the first…..

Robert Mueller is getting bipartisan praise, but President Trump thinks the appointment of a special prosecutor over the Russia-Trump campaign probe is a “witch hunt.” What does the media say? Dueling editorials from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times offer opposite takes:

  • The WSJ argues that special prosecutors are almost always a bust, largely because they’re basically accountable to no one. This appointment “opens up years of political risk to the Trump Administration with no guarantee that the public will end up with any better understanding of what really happened,” the paper’s editorial says. What is really needed is a counterintelligence investigation, but “Mueller will be under pressure to bring criminal indictments of some kind to justify his existence.” Full editorial here.
  • The NYT, though, says this is the only way Americans will have confidence that any alleged ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia are fully investigated. “Even before the stunning events of the past week, Mr. Mueller would have had plenty to work with,” its editorial states. “But after the president’s abrupt firing of Mr. Comey on May 9—followed by his apparent admission that he did so with the Russia investigation in mind, followed by reports that he previously pressed Mr. Comey to pledge his loyalty and asked him to drop a related inquiry into Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser—it became clear that the investigation needed to be kept alive at all costs, and as far from Mr. Trump as possible.” Full editorial here.

This was a smart move….now the GOP can get back to discussing policies and issues and stop being bombarded with the mundane crap from the media.

But I am sure that the Righties will keep this situation alive as long as they can try and blame Obama and even GW when they can……

But as far as reality goes…..we all have to let this play out….for better or for worse……it MUST play out!

Armed Forces Day 2017

Saturday, May 20 is Armed Forces Day in the United States. It comes after Armed Forces Week and honors all five military branches: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Armed Forces Week begins the second Saturday of May and ends on the third Sunday of May. Armed Forces Day is always the third Saturday in May. Both Armed Forces Day and Armed Forces Week fall during Military Appreciation Month which includes Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day), according to

You guys know me….,I gotta throw in some history whenever I can……and I can today.

Below are 5 facts about the day and how it came to be…..

Source: Armed Forces Day 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

Hug a soldier today…..they deserve it.

Enjoy the rest of your day……peace out….chuq

How It Might Happen


The word is getting lots of play these days…..and usually with a reference or two to Watergate…..lots of analysis and speculation is flying around the media outlets… if this happens how will it happen?

Around midday on Monday, Congressman Al Green, a Democrat from Texas, held a press conference to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump. The firing of FBI director James Comey, Green said, was an obstruction of justice falling clearly into that basket of “high crimes and misdemeanors” prescribed in the Constitution as grounds for impeachment.

Green should have waited a day. Because by the time the sun went down on Tuesday, advocates for Trump’s impeachment had a lot more to work with.

Source: What Would Happen If Donald Trump Were Impeached? | Alternet

If this impeachment thing were to be successful then we would have a Pres. Pence……another bad idea….we would be trading an autocrat for a theocrat….but that aside….what would a Pence presidency look like?

When President Trump was elected, a lot of liberals confidently predicted that he wouldn’t last six months. Being sensible and sober, I thought that was nothing more than wishful thinking. But now? It doesn’t seem so implausible.

Even with the Department of Justice’s appointment Wednesday of a special prosecutor, Trump’s early departure — by impeachment, resignation, or the invocation of the 25th Amendment — is a not sure thing, or even a likelihood. I suspect we’re still a few major revelations away from that happening, even if cracks in his Republican support are beginning to appear. The most probable outcome is that this mad circus continues at least until 2020. But as long as we’re contemplating that most remarkable of eventualities, it’s worth considering: What would a Mike Pence presidency be like?

Source: What will the Pence presidency be like?

Pence is an ambitious politician and if were Trump I would keep my eyes on this person constantly……he is a weasel and is just waiting for a good time to strike…

For the first time that I can recall a vice president has started a PAC while in office…..a good place to gather resources if a fight is coming……

Borrowing from his boss’s now-famous slogan, Vice President Mike Pence has launched the “Great America Committee” PAC in advance of the 2018 and 2020 elections, NBC News reports. Pence will use money raised through the PAC to travel the country on Air Force Two and help stump for GOP contenders. The Federal Election Commission received paperwork on Wednesday for the PAC, which a source close to Pence indicates will offer resources “to actually support candidates who are supportive of the president’s agenda.” Under such a leadership PAC, individual donors and other federal PACs can contribute up to $5,000 per year, Bloomberg notes.

Pence aides Nick Ayers and Marty Obst will manage the PAC, with Ayers saying planning for it began back in December. NBC notes it’s the first time a sitting VP has created his own separate arm like this; past officials have typically used campaign or party funds. In fact, a couple of past VPs—Bloomberg points to Joe Biden and Dick Cheney—didn’t have an active leadership PAC at all while in office. “Launching a leadership PAC sometimes signals an intent to run for higher office,” the director for the Center for Responsive Politics tells Bloomberg. But the NBC source insists that’s not the case here: “Don’t read into 2020 as anything other than [Pence] running for re-election as vice president in 2020 and supporting other candidates.”

They can claim whatever they want….that this is to help him in 2020…that is if Trump decides not to continue for whatever reason……

Keep your eyes on Pence….for he is up to something and it is not to help Trump in any way.

America’s Cult of Ignorance

There has been a wealth of fake news these days…..and some lap it up like a thirsty wildebeest …..there has been a big push, from the Right, to try and re-write history or to try and discredit it as best they can……even an anti-education movement…..

Let us look at democracy….you know that thing that we Americans are so proud of that it hurts…..Liddell Hart wrote……

We learn from history that democracy has commonly put a premium on conventionality. By its nature, it prefers those who keep step with the slowest march of thought and frowns on those who may disturb the “conspiracy for mutual inefficiency.” Thereby, this system of government tends to result in the triumph of mediocrity—and entails the exclusion of first-rate ability, if this is combined with honesty. But the alternative to it, despotism, almost inevitably means the triumph of stupidity. And of the two evils, the former is the less.

Hence it is better that ability should consent to its own sacrifice, and subordination to the regime of mediocrity, rather than assist in establishing a regime where, in the light of past experience, brute stupidity will be enthroned and ability may preserve its footing only at the price of dishonesty.

How accurate can one person be even 100 years ago?

All this has done one thing expertly….made Americans as ignorant as a stump.

More people are better educated than ever before, and knowledge is easier to come by.  So why do we so often scorn those who plainly know more than we do?

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”

—Isaac Asimov

Source: America’s Cult of Ignorance – The Daily Beast

One of the best examples of this ignorance is the Press Secretary, Sean Spicer……all one has to do is listen to his answers to questions and the ignorance spills out like milk from an overturned glass….

The ignorance that has invaded our society goes all the way up to the White House……yes, I mean the president!

Let’s connect the dots between Donald Trump’s “tax plan”, his invitation to the murderous leader in Manila and saying he would be “honored” to meet with the dictator of North Korea. And let’s throw in his claim that Trumpcare will be better than Obamacare and that his skeletal tax plan would make him pay more.

While these facts might seem unrelated, each points to a fundamental truth about Trump that I have been trying to get people to understand since he announced his latest presidential campaign in June 2015: Trump doesn’t know anything.

Source: Donald Trump’s ignorance is becoming more evident with each passing day | David Cay Johnston | Opinion | The Guardian

Expertise is dying in this country…..everybody does not try to educate themselves for they are the smartest person they know…..

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn”  Ben Franklin

“I am patient with stupidity but not those that are proud of it”  Edith Sitwell

And then my fave quote….”Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance”

Side Note:  I think Trump has proven that a good business man does not make a good president.  Maybe now we can put that piece shit slogan to bed for good.

Closing Thought–18May17

Before I begin….FOX News Roger Ailes is dead at 77…….gone but never forgotten….

We have been bombarded with this version or that on the firing of FBI head, Comey……of course his supporters are just telling the world to move on…..and the rest of us are just fascinating at the antics around the whole affair.

There has been as many version of this report as there are hairs on ones butt……so which is accurate?

The problem as I see it is that Trump sent his minions out to head off any negativity about this event…the problem is none of them had the same story…and then their fearless leader went on TV for an interview and basically threw those minions under the bus.

He pretty much crapped on the whole story line making his loyal minions look like douche bags and liars.

Trump’s interview made me think of something Lloyd George of the UK, a past prime minister, had to say in an interview he had given…….”one feature that distinguishes a first rate political leader from a second grade politician is the former is careful to avoid making any definite statement that can be subsequently refuted.”

To paraphrase:  keep your mouth shut until the correct time.

Our man in DC needs to shut the Hell up and stop making the situation worse with each tweet or interview.

Instead of acting like a butt hurt juvenile he should be avoiding this situation and talking about tax reform or infrastructure or anything else but the story line flying around the media.

Instead he opens his mouth and inserts another foot…he does not realize that everything he says is out there and can be pulled up at any time.  Plus what is with all the use of adverbs?

Not to worry the minions of the Trump Land are countering all this news with an Obama piece…..I would go into further but it is just too lame to repeat….another attempt to blame Obama for the massive fuck ups by their chosen king….anything to deflect people from the moronic bone head moves of Trump…..haven’t heard it yet…just wait it will get louder as Trump’s stupidity gets more clear.

Waiting for the Mother Ship………

I am spent!  Enough already!  Peace Out!

Becoming “Sour And Dark”

You know I am always thrilled when the inevitable happens….a politician gets caught lying and trying to cover their ass…..but it is more fun to watch the die hard supporters doing all they can to support their “guy”…..of course the insults are always fun because these supporters are pretty creative in their insults….usually they have NO idea what they are talking about but Hell that never stopped a moron from babbling.

Now with the trouble that Trump has created for himself just amps up the supporters and their admiration of the man…..they refuse to look at the facts, and yes there are facts, whether they like them or not, but rather just throw out their chest and let the poison pen fly.

It is fun watching butt hurt twats do their “thang”……as silly and unimaginative as they are……

I bring all this up because these supporters are a carbon copy of their vision of manliness…..”Sour and Dark”!

Things are not going well in DC…..not for Trump and not so much for those die heard supporters……Trump who is crazy about his son-in-law, Jared,  has started attacking him as well….you know things are going to shit when he attacks his “fair-haired boy”…..

As leaks from President Donald Trump’s White House continue to spring in the aftermath of the president firing former FBI Director James Comey, staffers are revealing more information about the president’s moodiness that is even directed at the closest in his inner circle.

According to a New York Times report by Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush, the president has not only been overheard complaining about having to fire his disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn, but has also begun directing his mood swings at his son-in-law-turned-adviser Jared Kushner.

“His own mood, according to two advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity, has become sour and dark,” the report claims, “turning against most of his aides — even his son-in-law, Jared Kushner — and describing them in a fury as ‘incompetent,’ according to one of those advisers.”

Source: Trump becoming ‘sour and dark’ as he turns against son-in-law Jared Kushner: report

I am wondering if Jared is asking….”Is this the price I pay for blind obedience?”

Not a good sign for the admin…..he can hope that on his first international trip he does not say or Tweet something stupid…if he tries he could have a minor re-start….but how likely is that?

Just a few words of advice for the Trump-ster……

Keep your mouth shut……keep you finger away from the Tweet button….and maybe the rest of the week could slow down and get back to the business of state.

How likely is that?