Putin Has A Plan

Let me say at the onset this story sounds a bit hinkey to me.

It appears some think that Putin is use ‘waves of kids’ thrown at the Ukraine military…..which made me think of the news in the 1980s with the Iraq-Iran War when Iran used kids armed with the Koran to walk in front of their troops looking for mines….Iran lost a whole generation of males because of this stupidity.

Putin’s Plan?

Former senior army officials accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin of deploying waves of untrained kids to the front lines in an effort to outmatch the West.

British generals have weighed in on the ongoing war in Ukraine, drawing parallels to the style of warfare seen in the battles of Verdun and the Somme during World War I. Speaking to the Sun Online, they accused the Russian leader of relying on sheer numbers to overpower the well-trained and better-armed Ukrainian forces.

The British veterans further asserted that Putin’s primary strategy was to prolong the war, leveraging manpower as their only significant resource, with the hope that Western nations would eventually lose interest, thus facilitating a forced settlement.

General Sir Richard Shirreff claimed that Russia was deploying troops in successive waves, while General Sir Richard Barrons agreed, stating that these waves were deliberately sent to be decimated by Ukrainian fire.

The generals also expressed their suspicion that Putin’s approach aimed to demonstrate a greater level of resilience compared to Ukraine and its allies.

In support of their claims, Ukraine has reported over 200,000 killed enemy soldiers to date. If these figures hold true, it would mean that the Russian Army has suffered casualties at a rate of one soldier every three minutes since Putin initiated his “Special Military Operation” in February of last year, per The Sun.

While the veteran generals appeared skeptical of the exact figure, they do acknowledge that Russia has incurred significant losses in its attempts to seize control of Ukraine.

“What the Russians have consistently demonstrated is their lack of concern for their own people and the number of casualties,” stated General Shirreff.

He further added, “Putin believes that the Ukrainian people will eventually lose their will to fight, and the West will perceive it as a stalemate, ultimately forcing a settlement.”


Maybe my UK visitors have more info on this story….if they would like to update us we will be appreciative.

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4 thoughts on “Putin Has A Plan

  1. I saw a detailed BBC interview with the former head of the British Army recently. He estimated Russian troops KIA ‘in excess’ of 55,000, with wounded probably twice that figure. However, he also estimated that Ukraine’s troop losses were ‘similar, perhaps 10% less’. If that is near-correct, the loss of troops favours the Russians, who have far greater resources.

    The Wagner mercenary unit alone has openly admitted to some 10,000 killed or wounded, (mostly killed) including prison inmates who signed up to get out of jail and were sent to the front with almost no training and sparse equipment, then told to advance against Ukrainian positions, where they were (quote) ‘mown down in their hundreds’.

    Russia is also winning the home-front propaganda war, with the majority of Russians still believing they are fighting Fascism, and a proxy war prolonged by NATO’s involvement.

    I think the main take-away from this sordid war is that Russia is very far from being ‘invincible’. The huge Soviet-era war machine feared by the west for so long has not been able to defeat a country with a much smaller population and fewer military resources. Russia only has manpower, but sending them to war armed with an old AK47, limited ammunition, and poor supply of logistics, does not necessarily mean that they can win just by sheer numbers.

    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The conflict still reminds me of the opening scenes in the movie Enemy At The Gates. One Russian soldier carried the gun, the other carried the ammo.. and if they retreated the were gunned down by their own officers.
    I work with a Russian-turned-American over within the last 20 years and he regrets the things he had to do as a soldier in Chechnya. He often laments how cheap life is over there.

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