Was It Worse Than Anal Leakage?

While I was nursing a bad eye there was a incident where someone threw a bunch of tp secret documents about Ukraine and other allies onto the internet.

With the news there was much speculation on who would do a dastardly thing. First it was a Russian operation….then it was disinformation to try and break the support for US involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

Who would do such a thing?

Well that question has been answered.

FBI arrested a 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard as the suspected leaker of the classified documents from the Pentagon and other US government agencies that have surfaced online.

Jack Teixeira was first named before the arrest as the potential leaker by The New York Times. The paper conducted an investigation with the website Bellingcat, which is funded by the EU and often praised by US intelligence officials, to identify the leaker.

According to the Times report, the paper discussed Teixeira with US government officials and asked for a comment from the FBI before the agency made his name public.

“Today, the Justice Department arrested Jack Douglas Teixeira in connection with an investigation into alleged unauthorized removal, retention, and transmission of classified national defense information. Teixeira is an employee of the United States Air Force National Guard,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said after the arrest.

Teixeira is a member of the intelligence wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, but it’s not clear how the young airman would have access to so many top-secret documents. According to the Times, he was promoted to airman first class last July, the third enlisted rank.

He worked for the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 102nd Intelligence Wing, which is located at a base in Cape Cod. His job title was a Cyber Transport Systems Journeymen, which entails repairing communications equipment.

Teixeira is accused of posting the documents on a server on Discord, a messaging platform mainly used by gamers. The chat where he was sending the documents was private and had about 25 members, a group of young men and teenage boys.

One member of the Discord server was said to start releasing the documents in other chat rooms in March, and the documents were eventually discovered by the Times. According to The Washington Post, there were 300 photos of documents that Teixeira allegedly posted.

A 17-year-old who was a member of the Discord server and spoke to the Times described the person who allegedly leaked the documents as “antiwar” and a “Christian” who just “wanted to inform some of his friends about what’s going on.”


Now the deflections in the beginning do not seem to be accurate.

So was the Guardsman a Russian spy?

So just how damn good is our cyber security?  How much cash have we thrown at cyber and this happened?

U.S. national security agencies are reviewing how they share their most sensitive secrets inside the U.S. government, and dealing with the diplomatic fallout from the release of dozens of confidential documents, three U.S. officials said.

Investigators are also working to determine what person or group might have had the ability and motivation to release the intelligence reports, said one of the officials. The leaks could be the most damaging release of U.S. government information since the 2013 publication of thousands of documents on WikiLeaks.


Maybe we should re-think a lot about our cyber-security.

Then there is MSM’s treatment of this situation.

US Department of Justice charged Airman First Class Jack Teixeira with copying and sharing information “connected with” or “relating to” the “national defense.” The government alleges that Teixeira is the man behind “leaks” of classified information which worked their way from the Massachusetts Air National Guard to a Discord chat server for gamers and thence to social media and, finally and unfortunately only very partially, to the US “mainstream” media.

At this point, due to mainstream media’s refusal to do its job, the public doesn’t know very much about the content of the leaked information, but from what we do know, that information had little or nothing to do with any plausible conception of “national defense,” at least where the United States is concerned.

Mainstream Media Turn Coats on ‘National Security’ Leaks

I Read, I Write, You Know

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8 thoughts on “Was It Worse Than Anal Leakage?

      1. Yeah, a lot of the foreign reporting I’ve seen on the leaks seems to give a bit more attention to the…embarrassing…parts of the leaked info, like the US spying on its allies once again.

      2. The MSM is not so forthcoming……basically they are owned by the War Department so nothing truly embarrassing would be important to them. chuq

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