One Eye Willy Update

After 4 days of rest my left eye has returned to almost normal.

This began with me rough housing with the Jack Russel, Sara…..I thought we were finished and she came screaming in when I was not looking and pop me in the left eye with a dirty paw…..lots of trash went into the eye which was very painful and blurry, to say the least.

Today is Monday and my vision is good and Sue has returned my PC and tablet so that I can return to work. I will be trying to catch up on the comments left while I was nursing the eye.

Drafts I had saved were a godsend for I could post without much to do.

I want to thank all those readers that have offered words of encouragement and their patience while I recover….your comments will be answered as slowly as I can muster.

Hopefully this incident is come to a close and I can return to doing what I truly love….research and writing.

Thanx again for your help and understanding….please know that I appreciate one and all.

Good to be back!


4 thoughts on “One Eye Willy Update

  1. Jack Russels can be fiesty little creatures but they are adorable… may I suggest that you wear safety shields for your eyes when playing with him?

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