UN Gets New President

This is one for the “Got to be kidding” file.

Within the United Nations there is the ever powerful Security Council and recently Russia has become the president of the Council…..

Russia is once again the head of the UN Security Council, a body tasked with ensuring international peace.

The last time that Russia held the position of president — in February 2022 — it invaded Ukraine, the BBC noted.

The UN Security Council is made up of 15 members, 10 of which are voted in for two-year stints. The other five are permanent members and have veto power. They are the United States, France, the UK, China, and Russia.

The 15 members rotate the presidency every month. The president of the Security Council is considered the face of the body and represents it in front of the larger United Nations.

While Ukraine protested Russia’s term as president, as a permanent member, there is little any of the other members can do. 


There is the whole problem in a nutshell…..5 permanent members that have veto power…..nothing can be accomplished as long as the idiots in the US, Russia, France, England and China have the power to stop any progress dead in its tracks.

Since the last time Putin was in charge Russia invaded Ukraine….how will this play out in the social media BS?

What was said from the White House?

From the White House podium on Thursday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that a country that “flagrantly violates the U.N. Charter” and invades its neighbor has no place on the council, but there is “no feasible international legal pathway” around that.

“As unpalatable as it may be to see Russia presiding over the council, the reality is this is a largely ceremonial position which rotates to council members month by month in alphabetical order,” she said, adding that the U.S. encourages Russia to conduct itself professionally so the council can carry out its work.

“Russia is a permanent member,” said one council diplomat. “While they are misbehaving gravely on Ukraine and just tearing the [U.N.] Charter apart, my expectation is they will do this presidency in a professional manner.”


Enough is enough.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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9 thoughts on “UN Gets New President

  1. considering what is currently going on in Ukraine, one wonders how this (Russia leadership in the UN) is possible without some faults in the UN’s foundation

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