3 Options For Ukraine


Peace talks is not on the list.

You Nervous Nellies can sit back and enjoy the war without any worry of it ending soon.  That should keep the Putin haters and fear infested people happy.

The 3 options detailed in a report by the Institute of the Study of War (ISW)….

After just over a year of fighting, the war in Ukraine is stalemated. Both sides have seen heavy losses, but the war has gone especially poorly for Russia as it’s suffered a series of embarrassing setbacks on the battlefield and failed to accomplish its broader aims. That said, Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing no signs of giving up as his forces continue to push for gains in the eastern cities of Bakhmut and Avdiivka.

A new assessment from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) suggests Ukraine has three fairly straightforward choices in the face of such obstinance — and immediate peace talks are not among them. 

“This would be an appropriate moment for Putin to conclude that Russia cannot impose its will on Ukraine by force and that he must seek a compromise settlement. He has clearly come to no such conclusion, however,” ISW said.

In this context, one option for Ukraine is to stop fighting, even as Russia continues ground and air attacks, which ISW said almost no one is pushing for and would “lead to disastrous defeat.” The second potential approach is for Ukrainian forces to continue fighting in a “very constrained way,” with the goal of holding on to the territory they currently control. But this would “encourage Putin to continue his efforts to pursue outright military victory.”

The third option is for Ukraine to “launch successive counter-offensive operations with the twin aims of persuading Putin to accept a negotiated compromise or of creating military realities sufficiently favorable to Ukraine that Kyiv and its Western allies can then effectively freeze the conflict on their own regardless of Putin’s decisions.”


Personally I do not think these options will do anything but make matters worse and extend the death and destruction.

I know that no one likes the idea of any negotiations for it will be caving into Putin….and of course the whole thing will give these people ammo to use the Chamberlain statement after the Munich meeting with Hitler over Czechoslovakia to try and make some obscure point.

I do not need to ask for opinions here for I have heard and seen them all.

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24 thoughts on “3 Options For Ukraine

  1. There is no justification for hating Putin at all — In fact, the United States has already taken the first steps toward guaranteeing that America’s future will be more on the order of a Putin-style social order by incorporating the members of the Radical Right Putin Faction in the middle of our government — so the peaceniks can rest comfortably in the knowledge that America is moving more toward a Communist-style existence than ever before.

      1. You are not the kind of peacenik that I am talking about. I am talking about the kind of peacenik that Russia has created with their manipulative propaganda in order to dissuade Americans from their righteous causes and make them more amenable to causes that would advance the Russian agenda. The peaceniks of the 1960s espoused legitimate issues.

      2. I have been accused of doing that just yesterday…..because I will not agree with the MSM version of what is going on in Ukraine. chuq

      3. Ignore them …there are different flavors of peaceniks — the peace people of the 60s had common sense and workable ideas … but the shift in political paradigms from then until now renders those old methods kind of impotent for the contemporary scene … even though if there were enough support for them, they could be very effective once again … but the culture has changed and I fear a significant level of support for those old peace ideas could not be garnered today. Still it does not hurt to try.

      4. John for 50 years I have been called all sorts of things….it does not bother me…..usually I ask them if they have seen dead burnt bodies…if not call me when you experience it……you are right no one cares basically because the military support is drilled into them…..and of course I have a post in the works about this very subject. chuq

  2. Well, for kicks-and-grins, if you were Zelensky at this point in time what would you do if you were leader of Ukraine? I personally dislike bullies of any kind so I’d likely continue the ruckus to whatever is the end, taking my queue from what the public wanted.

    1. …….what would you do if you were leader of Ukraine?

      You’re not likely to get an honest answer from anyone. No rational person is going to surrender the sovereignty of one’s own nation and it’s people. They’ll sacrifice someone else’s nation though.

      1. Constitutional Insurgent — you got this one right, brother! History proves you right on this one!

  3. When the enemy is stopped in its tracks, that is not the time to lay down your arms and take a break — that is the time to attack with more intensity than ever and push through to victory. When I was in uniform that is what I was taught, “When you get the enemy on the run, you chase them, find them at their weakest point and either destroy them or make them surrender.

    1. Not always a good idea….Casserine Pass proved to be a bad idea….it ended well but at a high cost. Neither country has the resources to do as you suggest…..even with the massive amount to crap we send they still cannot win….time to find a plan B chuq

      1. I do hope there is a plan B — I also hope we have a plan to deal with Putin’s revocation of the agreement (START) to share nuke information that he just announced a few minutes ago .. a move that allows for a greater than ever change of the miscalculation that can ignite world war III.

      2. I wish the United Stastes would re-establish their civil defense programs and build some massive public nuclear bomb shelters.

  4. Zelensky might skip the country with his millions, who knows? Depends how hard it gets. The new tanks have arrived, but as any of them can be knocked out by a drone or shoulder-mounted missile, will they make a real difference?
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I would say that Plan B should include a massive program to build massive public nuclear bomb shelters all over the United States.

      2. The trouble with hiding in nuclear-bomb shelters is that you eventually have to come out and face the dystopian horrors of what is left behind. I would sooner go in the first blast than endure a nuclear winter and a slow death.

    1. To spend cash? Not at all….we have had how many derailments this month? And yet money is cut from the budget to make sure the War Department gets extra cash to promote and guide war. It is fatalistic to ignore our internal problems because we hate some demented little toad. chuq

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