“I Want More” (Always More)

Does anyone remember the promise of a massive counter-offense offered up by Ukraine to take the fight to Russia in Eastern Ukraine?

Don’t bother…you do not.

Well it appears that that promise is on hold until Zelensky gets what he wants (always more)…

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Saturday that Ukraine’s counteroffensive can’t begin until the US and other Western countries send more weapons and ammunition.

When asked about a potential counteroffensive in an interview with the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, Zelensky said Ukraine can’t “start yet” and can’t “send our brave soldiers to the front line without tanks, artillery and long-range rockets.”

“We are waiting for the receipt of ammunition from our partner countries. If there is political will, ways can be found to help us. We are at war and cannot wait,” he added. He said the military situation in eastern Ukraine is “not very good” due to the lack of ammo.

Ukrainian and Russian forces are still battling for the eastern Donbas city of Bakhmut, where both sides are using an enormous amount of ammunition. Zelensky said the Russian troops are using three times as much ammunition as the Ukrainian side.

Zelensky’s comments echo what a senior Ukrainian government official told The Washington Poston the condition of anonymity earlier this month. The official told the Post that Kyiv doesn’t have the “people or weapons” to pull off a counteroffensive.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front have told several media outlets that they’re being sent into what has become known as the “meat grinder” in Bakhmut with little support and ammunition. New conscripts are also being sent into battle with barely any training.

The US and its allies have pledged a lot of new military aid for Ukraine over the past few months, but Zelensky keeps saying it’s not enough. The Biden administration wants Ukraine to launch a counteroffensive to make territorial gains this spring, but the prospect now seems unlikely.

More!  More!  It is NEVER enough!

Time for this country to re-evaluate its massive spending while our infrastructure is collapsing around our heads.

But this is far more important that the War Department gets its cash to keep our interventions up and running.

When will it be enough support from the US?

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11 thoughts on ““I Want More” (Always More)

  1. Obviously, it will never be enough. Russia has far more reserves of manpower to draw upon, and even though their military performance is lamentable overall, they can win the battle of ‘who gets more killed’, as Putin has no regard for casualty numbers. Zelensky is beginning to realise he might well run out of fighting troops before the Russians do the same.
    Worth remembering that they lost more killed in WW2 than all the other allied losses combined. They lost more killed just retaking Stalingrad than the US lost in the entire time it was engaged in WW2. They have a very different mentality.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. We need to get some activists onto the streets with the appropriate angry scowls and the bullhorns and the signs (They love to wave signs with slogans written all over them) and march on Washington and do a sit in at the various memorials and monuments, and get a few heads busted and a few activists issuing statements against U.S. involvement in Ukraine from their jail cells … lots of TV coverage, a couple of movie companies … all possible main stream media …I am sure this will move the hearts and minds at the head of our government to sacrifice Ukraine to the Russian Bear and embolden said bear to proceed with their plan of adding Europe to their territorial expansionism. This would fill the bill and solve the problem. It worked during the Vietnam conflict and it will work now if we can get enough millennials together to do the thing. Yes, let’s solve this issue of giving more money to Ukraine. Instead of giving it to Ukraine, let us put it all in some place where the right wing radicals can get their mitts on it and share it with their cronies. Maybe we can siphon some of it off and send it to Trump for his 2024 campaign. OOps… I am sure the rightie radicals are already working on that angle.

    1. How about spending money in this freaking country….we have an infrastructure that sucks….and that has to beg for every dollar and some yahoo from a frozen wasteland gets it for no other reason than he wants it. chuq

  3. My comment just disappeared so I will try it again —Let us solve the “More For Ukraine” fiasco by getting a lot of activists together and giving them signs to wave .. signs with slogans .. they love slogans .. and let them to to Washington and do sit ins at the various monuments …parks …government buildings …until the cops come and bust some heads for the television cameras …or shower them with tons of tear gas …or bloody their faces with their billy clubs … activists have always been effective … they stopped the Vietnam War, didn’t they? — They can stop the government from giving all that support to Ukraine too …If they want to bad enough …Millenials should be all in for this kind of thing ….and then we can sacrifice what is left of Ukraine to the Russians and free them to go ahead with their ambitions for expansionism and let them swallow Europe up — and thenm perhaps, there will be some peace in the world and the money that we save by doing this can be put someplace where the radical right wingers can get their hands on it and share it with their friends and relatives or perhaps even use some of it to get Donald elected again. Problem solved. You are welcome.

  4. If you stop supporting Ukraine, Russia will simply over-run it and will be emboldened to go after the rest of Europe as well — so what the hell?

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