What Are Our Problems?

Mid-terms are in the bag and now we start to look at 2024 and the next general election….soon we will start getting our list of candidates that will try to become our next president.

But first let’s look at what people had to say about their 2022 vote…..

The 2022 midterms are now in the rearview mirror, but Americans have only begun to process the ramifications on politics and government. Although Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, Democrats avoided the sizable losses the president’s party tends to suffer in midterm House elections and even gained a seat in the Senate. Now, a closely divided Congress and President Biden will have to work together, a trying task in our hyperpartisan political environment — perhaps made harder by the specter of the 2024 election.

With all of that in mind, we’re wrapping up our FiveThirtyEight/Ipsos panel survey by looking at which issues drove Americans’ votes in the midterm election as well as their broader attitudes toward politics following the results. This marked the seventh and final wave of our polling collaboration using Ipsos’s KnowledgePanel, and this time we asked the same 2,000 Americans how they felt about the election, what policies the next Congress should pursue and their early views of the potential 2024 presidential candidates. 

We Asked Americans To Explain Their 2022 Votes — And How They’re Thinking About 2024

What will be the big issues for the 2024 election?

The biggest problem facing Americans is nothing new, according to Gallup. An average 19% of respondents chose government as the top problem facing the country in 11 monthly Gallup polls, the company announced Tuesday. That’s the seventh time in the past decade that government has come out on top, per the Hill. Inflation and the high cost of living came second at 16%, followed by the economy (12%), immigration (6%), unifying the country (5%), and COVID-19, race relations, and crime (all tied at 4%). Just 3% of respondents mentioned abortion, gas prices, the judicial system, poverty and homelessness, ethics and morals, or the environment.

In a separate Consumer Trends poll, however, inflation and the rising cost of living emerged as the biggest problem facing the US—by a long shot. It was named by 37% of respondents, per CNBC. Just 23% of respondents identified government as the biggest issue, while 27% said they were most concerned by gun violence and violent crime. Climate change and the environment was also a common answer, mentioned by 19% of respondents. Perhaps unexpectedly, 21% of respondents of Generation X or older mentioned the environment as one of the most important problems, compared to 17% of millennials and those in Generation Z. Just 18% of respondents in this group mentioned government, compared to 28% in the older group.

What are your ideas that you think a new president could solve?

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6 thoughts on “What Are Our Problems?

  1. Our main opposition party currently has a huge lead over the government in every poll. But an election here is still a long way off. Time will tell.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The biggest problem that needs to be solved is to do something to make sure January 6th can never happen again — Beyond that, we need to have an equal number of judges from all sides on the SCOTUS bench and we need term limits for them. We also need to rename the Department of Defense as “The War Department” and we need a military that is strong enough to emasculate our enemies in short order if we are attacked. We also need to get out of trying to be the police force for the world.

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