A DeSantis Foreign Policy

I know it is a little early and so far the only confirmed candidate is former president but the popular sentiment is that Florida’s governor will throw his hat into the fray for 2024.

If that is truly the case I would like to look at his possible stands on foreign policy……

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has become one of the main challengers to Donald Trump for leadership of the Republican Party in the wake of his landslide reelection victory last week over Democratic candidate Charlie Crist. 

While DeSantis is best known nationally for controversies over Covid and culture war battles, he has a foreign policy record from his years in Congress and even during his tenure as governor that also merits closer scrutiny. If he seeks the Republican nomination for president, as many now expect he will, voters should be aware of the foreign policy worldview that he brings with him. 

Before he left the House for Tallahassee, DeSantis established himself as a vocal critic of the Obama administration’s foreign policy with an emphasis on attacking U.S. diplomatic engagement with Iran and Cuba. His three terms in the House overlapped with Obama’s major initiatives of negotiating the nuclear deal with Iran and restoring normal relations with Cuba, and like the rest of his party DeSantis was hostile to both policies. 

The hardline positions that DeSantis has taken on issues relating to Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela are not surprising given Florida politics, and they have aligned him closely with Florida’s hawkish Sen. Marco Rubio and fellow Iraq war veteran Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

During the original debate over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), DeSantis was an early and vocal opponent of an agreement with Iran. He co-authored a July 2015 op-ed in Time with Tom Cotton outlining the usual hawkish objections to the deal. Like most critics of the agreement, they misrepresented what it would do and exaggerated the benefits Iran would receive from sanctions relief. The op-ed was long on outrage and short on offering any serious alternative to diplomacy to resolve the nuclear issue. 

DeSantis and Cotton also indulged in rather hysterical threat inflation about Iran, saying, “They will stop at nothing to end our way of life.” 

What might a DeSantis foreign policy look like?

Typical GOP misinformation when it comes to foreign policy….

In essence DeSantis is a clone of Trump and if he is successful at winning the presidency we can expect nothing good to come out of his foreign policies.

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9 thoughts on “A DeSantis Foreign Policy

  1. Why would anyone think an Iran Deal(championed by that fool Kerry) is sensible ? They always cheat. Never have any intention of compliance. Koran suggests there is no shame or crime to not honor any type of agreement with non believer and it is OK to present the charade as long as Muslim benefits exist. Iran has no concept of following international law and treaties. They view Westerners and non believers as subhuman scum so why would they be trustworthy ? Seems Americans leaders have no sense of history esp in understanding the ethos of countries with long ancient history to the present nor do we have a clue re the corporate memory upon which the non western world operates. American leaders think in terms of “today” or “now” while the ancient civilizations have an identity built upon hundreds or thousands of years. If a republican wins the presidency our best hope is to have Pompeo a part of the administration with a profound international influence.

  2. I think De Santis could actually be much worse than Trump as president. He seems to be more ‘hawkish’, regarding perceived (and real) enemies.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Does anyone think Russia, China, N Korea and Iran are mere “perceived” enemies? Seems to me all four are making war against the US on all sorts of levels at this very moment.

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