Bad News For Trump

I wish I could say this is for his legal antics but sadly it is about electoral politics…..with a general election a mere 2 years away it is time to start looking to the future.

Some are calling for the GOP to move past Trump and his rabid MAGA sycophants….it is a pipe dream….

It looks like GOP voters do not want Trump on the ticket in 2024…..

Republican voters may be looking forward to the 2024 election, but most do not want former President Trump on the ballot. According to the latest USA Today/Suffolk University poll, 56% of Republican-leaning voters prefer Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, compared to 33% for Trump. Furthermore, 45% don’t want Trump to run at all, and his favorably ratings have slipped to 64% from 75% since October among Republicans. According to David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, the numbers show that “Republicans and conservative independents increasingly want Trumpism without Trump.”

As Forbesreports, Trump’s diminished standing comes amid a steady flow of legal woes, including ongoing investigations at city, state, and federal levels from New York to Georgia. Republicans also heaped blame on Trump for a relatively poor showing in November’s midterms, and many distanced themselves further after he hosted white supremacist Nick Fuentes and the antisemitic Kanye West at a Mar-a-Lago dinner, then later suggested the Constitution should be suspended. (Trump says that was misconstrued.) Many prominent Republicans and former allies are no longer holding back criticism, though Trump can still count on staunch support from staunch backers including Reps. Elise Stefanik and Madison Cawthorn, per Fox News.

The USA Today poll also found some mixed if not somewhat bad news for President Biden. His standing among Democrats sank 5 points since early fall, with just 40% now wishing for him to seek a second term. And while the poll shows Biden beating Trump by nearly 8 points in a theoretical 2024 matchup, it also shows Biden losing to DeSantis by 4 points, an indication of just how much some voters really don’t want another Trump presidency. The Hill points out that Trump’s numbers aren’t helped by the fact that his nascent 2024 campaign really hasn’t done much of anything in the past month. Nevertheless, as the Independentnotes, Trump still has a pretty good chance of winning the GOP nomination—especially in a crowded field—because of the way the party allocates delegates in winner-take-all primaries.

I do not see much change from Trump to DeSantis.  It is a new face to the program of hate, cruelty and deception.

The same lies, misinformation and BS….

Same song….different face.

You see any change in GOP voters thinking?

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


22 thoughts on “Bad News For Trump

  1. The right wing idiots deserve a De Santis type — I am sure he is nothing but a highly polished and somewhat in telligent authoritarian fully as dangerous to democracy as Trump ever hoped to be. He already established his “Private Army” in Florida for some unknown purpose.

  2. I do not see much change from Trump to DeSantis. It is a new face to the program of hate, cruelty and deception.

    When neither of those two men have a I do not see much change from Trump to DeSantis a program of hate, cruelty and deception, it is not possible for them to provide a new face for it.

    Of course, you vehemently disagree, but I doubt you can explain what hate, cruelty and deception you are talking about. On the other hand, I have a ready list, which no doubt will call hateful.

    1. An open border for human trafficking, narcotics, terrorists, criminals, ignorant people Democrats want to vote for them, cheap labor for greedy tycoons, and a multitude of other sins. Millions of people of crossed the border into our country in just the last two years. Nobody actually knows how many. A country that cannot control its borders cannot maintain its cultural integrity. Unfortunately, when people hate their country, they have no desire to preserve it.
    2. An election system full of security holes.
    3. Policies designed to destroy the fossil fuels industry, even natural gas.
    4. The world’s most pricey education system, an education system that focuses on a political/religious agenda instead of instruction in the 3R’s.
    5. An identity politics agenda designed to stoke strife between people based upon race, sex, creed, gender, wealth, and so forth.
    6. Government policies designed to use the mass media and Big Tech to suppress opposition. 7. And so forth.

    1. “when people hate their country, they have no desire to preserve it.” Exactly and the GOP is destroying it piece by piece…the rest is pure ideology….gerrymandering, what policies are those that are destroying the industry…..those election problems are those designed by party politics. I am tired….chuq

      1. Yeah! Sure! Republicans are destroying California and New York. The crime rates in those states are up and the economies of those states are contracting because of Republicans. But don’t worry. Their election systems are safe from Republican Party corruption.

      2. I pity the pity the people Liberal Democrats. I used to believe the mainstream news media, but it slowly dawned upon me that the mainstream news media only pretended to be objective.

        What is the point of sarcasm? Why say something that cannot be true? We do it to display the absurdity of what another person claims to believe.

        There is funny thing about almost any speech made by a Liberal Democrat politician or news media personality. In the mouth of a Conservative, the same speech becomes sarcasm.

      3. All MSM is corporate owned and it is that agenda they push not necessarily the truth….and that is not a Dem thing. chuq

      4. Not a Dem thing? I suspect you would have a difficult time trying to provide examples of the corporate media differs from the Democratic Party.

      5. FOX is a corporation and that is no way a Dem site…..Since I do not spend much time on MSM I will leave it with you. chuq

      6. That’s funny! You had to mention the exception that proves the rule. The hated FOX. I didn’t think you could do that. Congratulations!

        FOX is not part of the legacy media, of course. Ask a Liberal Democrat about FOX, and they get irate. “FOX lies” is what they will say.

        FOX has been covering the Biden administration’s illegal immigration mess at our southern border for two years. Until a couple of days ago, the so-called mainstream news media has ignored the fact that millions of people from who knows where are crossing into the United States. Narcotics, terrorists, criminals of all sorts have been flooding into our country. People are dying from fentanyl by the tens of thousands every year. Crime is shooting up. No story there.

        What changed? The governor of California visited the border. Because he is running for president, he decided something has to be done about the problem of illegal immigration. After all, the state of California is going broke, thanks to the way he and the Democrats have run California.

      7. FOX is owned by a corporation…that is the only fact I care about….they all tailor the news to feed their agenda….most states are going broke….my state has been run by the GOP for 30 years and its is broke….most states are broke. chuq

      8. Wrong on so many levels…first I am NOT a democrat….they do not work because your types do not want them to work. chuq

  3. Thought I had removed part of that first sentence:

    When neither of those two men have a program of hate, cruelty and deception, it is not possible for them to provide a new face for it.

  4. I’ve always perceived Trump as being the bumbling, impulsive, very narcissistic, blundering fool, bull-in-the-china-shop of politics, totally out for himself. His politics were simply the typical Right wing protectionist, nationalistic, white elitist personification of what “they” want the country to be. DeSantis reflects the same politics… but this guy has an agenda.. is sneaky, kniving.. is Harvard, a lawyer, everything Trump is not. You might say, DeSantis is Trump with brains. One element they both have.. the ability to bully their way, and hold a grudge to get even. Both dangerous in their own way, but a Trump-with-brains might scare me more.

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