Queen For The Day

Today’s big story will be the burial of Queen Elizabeth II…..with that her era of influence will end and the new day of King Charles III will begin…..

Since I am not a big fan of any monarchy I thought I would post a couple of articles about the death of the Queen…..

Ukania’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, finally yielded the royal sceptre to her eldest child, who will become King Charles III. Charles’s wife Camilla will now become Queen Camilla.

The next few days will see an unparalled excess of Ruritanian/Ukanian flummery, probably the only thing Ukania is good at these days— parades with mounted soldiers and carriages; gun salutes on the banks of the Thames; special programming on radio and TV; flag-bearing crowds congregating outside the royal residences; everyone, from the new king to the archbishop of Canterbury, decked out in their finest regalia, and so on.

This will also be a rare-old-time for paparazzi and the court correspondents of the tabloids. Will Meghan Markle and Kate speak to each other? What will the reprobate Prince Andrew be up to? Which of the royal offspring will misbehave and how?

The Queen Is Dead

There is more….

On 8th September, 2022, a 96-year old woman died. Nothing unusual there. On average, 1,679 people die in the UK every day. But this time round, everyone from the British Kebab Awards to The Prodigy made gushing sycophantic statements. Britain’s idiot prime minister in waiting Liz Truss, called the deceased “among the world’s greatest ever leaders”.

As Britain was sent into 10 days of enforced commemoration, the madness also spread to Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz called her a “role model and inspiration for millions”, while Berlin mayor Franziska Giffey said that the “power of her great personality has always fascinated us Berliners.” Brandenburger Tor was lit up in the colours of the Union Flag in her honour.

Even John Lydon, who as Johnny Rotten once wrote; “God save the queen. She ain’t no human being. There is no future In England’s dreaming” got involved. He posted the following message on social media: “Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II. Send her victorious From all at johnlydon.com”.

The Queen is Dead. Republic Now!

I doubt if the reporting will end with the burial….but it will be for this blog.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


10 thoughts on “Queen For The Day

  1. I am ‘Queened out’, chuq. I have literally drowned in a sea of sycophancy and obsequiousness.
    (Ukainia? Is that a new name for Britain? 🙂 )
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Charles and Camilla?? Do you think they ‘will last’? What with Dianna truths and reptiles and stuff…

  3. One Canadian bear had to die for each of those bear skin helmets the palace guards wear. Though they reportedly last 80 years each if properly cared for, well, one bear for each helmet. I can’t get past that. How many pounds (troy ounces and pounds sterling) of gold are on the accoutrements of the royal staff and stuff and how many royal subjects went to bed hungry each night of Elizabeth II’s reign? Call me a revolting republican, but it’s bad enough over here without so much pageantry.

  4. What is Queen Consort?

    The title essentially means the wife of a reigning King. The spouse of a King doesn’t become Queen, as the title of Queen is only used for a reigning female monarch. Instead, the wife of a monarch is given the official title of Queen Consort.

    Camella will never be queen.

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