Print Only

We all know that the daily newspaper is going the way of the dodo….

My local daily has shutdown and the building is up for sale….it is printed in limited edition of 4 to 6 pages and done so about 100 mikes away and shipped in…..of course there is the on-line edition.

I am an old fart and enjoy holding a book and enjoying the smell and the experience…..the same for a newspaper….there is some satisfying about the physical aspect of a newspaper.

That brings us to the new paper on the market….it is Ralph Nader’s baby…..The Capitol Hill Citizen….

Speaking of reading, the new pilot issue of Ralph Nader’s print only newspaper, Capitol Hill Citizen, is fresh off the press. This terrific 40-page issue features some familiar writers, including Carol Miller, Jefferson Morley, Russell Mokhiber, Steve Early and Suzanne Gordon and, of course, Ralph, himself. Here’s the backpage…

You can order a copy here.

If you enjoy the satisfaction of holding your reading material….then maybe check out this as a possible enjoyment that maybe missing in your reading life these.

Enjoy your Sunday…..Be well and be safe….

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


6 thoughts on “Print Only

  1. I stopped buying national newspapers in 2000, and only read the London newspaper, The Metro. When I moved to Norfolk, I bought the local weekly paper for this area for the first 3 years. Now I don’t even buy that after the town office closed down, and they extended the paper’s coverage to a ‘region’ of over 100 miles in every direction.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Thanks for sharing this….printed newspapers are certainly a bygone era…I read a story 5-6 years ago about a newsstand in Manhattan that used to sell 300+ copies of the Sunday New York Times…witin a few year it was down to a dozen at most!

    1. I used to read the WaPo, Wall St. Journal and USA Today every morning… I just use my tablet….I miss the feel and smell of the morning paper. chuq

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