Special Sunday News Edition

Today is Sunday and I would like to give my brain a rest so we have another useless news post……enjoy.  Okay I am being lazy!

Those iconic pyramids of Giza have had people scrambling to explain how they were built……some say aliens did it….others believe that slaves were beat into submission while building the structures……and physicists may have found an answer to this age old question…..

One of the seven wonders of the world are the pyramids of ancient Egypt, and now scientists think they may have worked out how they were built.

It was all thanks to a painting and the outside-of-the-box thinking of physicists including Daniel Bonn, who worked out that water was used to move the heavy pyramid stones and statues.

Bonn and other physicists at the University of Amsterdam decided to see if there was any logic behind the building technique shown in a wall painting in the tomb of Djehutihotep.


Philosophers have ask the question…what is the purpose of life on Earth for ages…..like all philosophy it is just an opinion.

I found an article that may answer this burning question for some…….

Before I jump into this essay, let’s clarify what I mean here by “purpose.” It is best to start with what I do not mean. I am not talking about a sense of purpose in our private lives, our personal choices and hopes, and the plans we make along the years. I hope, of course, that each of us lives with a sense that our life does have a purpose, even if this sense is sometimes elusive and fragmented. But what I mean to discuss here is the purpose of life, of biology as a natural phenomenon — this strange assembly of matter endowed with autonomy, capable of absorbing energy from the environment and of multiplying itself through reproduction.

Since this theme generates confusion and controversy, we must be careful. All life forms share at least one essential purpose: survival. This is even more important than another key purpose for life, reproduction. Plenty of organisms, after all, are alive but do not reproduce. To be alive is more than passing genes along to the next generation. To be alive is to want to remain alive. This is an essential difference between living creatures and other complex but non-living forms of material organization such as stars or rocks. These non-living material forms simply exist. They passively undergo the unfolding of the physical processes that shape them. For rocks, this is a give-and-take with erosion; for stars, it is about countering gravitational implosion while there is enough nuclear fuel to fuse in their cores. There is no strategy to any of this, and no action can be taken to delay what is inevitable.


I admit it I am no fan of this new tech that makes people more lazy than they already are…..tech can control your A/C, your car, your refrig, your life.  I mean there is even a vacuum that does the light removal of dust and stuff….and this is where I pick up this thought…..

You’ll soon have one more thing to be forced to thank Amazon for: a cleaner home. That’s because the retail giant is set to buy iRobot Corp., the company that makes Roomba vacuum cleaners, as well as other robotic tidying-up products like mops and lawn mowers. CNBC reports that Amazon agreed to pony up $61 a share, or $1.7 billion in total, in the all-cash deal, which will boost Amazon’s smart-home portfolio of products such as Ring camera doorbells, Alexa virtual-assistant speakers, and voice-activated microwaves and thermometers.

Despite a sales surge of Roomba vacuums, which debuted in 2002, during the earlier part of the pandemic when more people were stuck at home, revenue for this year’s second quarter came in at $255.4 million—a far cry from the $303 million that analysts had anticipated. iRobot says these results can be attributed to a drop-off in orders, supply chain issues, and a stronger dollar, reports the Wall Street Journal. The firm also notes that it will be laying off about 140 of its employees, the equivalent of 10% of its workforce.

Over at the Verge, Jennifer Pattison Tuohy takes a look at the bigger picture behind why Amazon may have been interested in acquiring the company that makes robot vacuums. Basically, she writes, because Roombas have the capability to map out and gather intel on your residence’s floor plans, “Amazon bought iRobot to see inside your home.” She sees this merger, along with Amazon’s existing smart products, as a way for the company to get “a pretty complete picture of your daily life” and set up a comprehensive “ambient intelligence” home—which could raise eyebrows on privacy concerns. The founder of iRobot, Colin Angle, will remain at the helm of the company once the deal is approved by shareholders and regulators.

I know I am an old fart and still resist tech invading my life……I may be old but I can still change my thermostat and start my car….I will not Alexa into my home for any reason.

There are some thoughts and stuff for this Sunday….hopefully you found something either useful or entertaining….

Enjoy the rest of your weekend….be well….

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2 thoughts on “Special Sunday News Edition

  1. Wet sand! Who knew?
    As for ‘smart’ stuff from Amazon, you might as well install CCTV cameras and let them watch you 24/7. I won’t be buying any of that crap.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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