Those Russian Sanctions

Part of the tale is that the US and NATO needs to punish Putin for his actions…..part of this punishment is arming Ukraine and heavy, massive sanctions on Russia.

Then I wonder are all these sanctions actually punishing Russia….

As usual since I am an opinionated SOB I have made my thoughts known on sanctions…..

Sanctions And Tariffs

And these thoughts….

Is Sanctions The Answer?

That out of the way for I like to let my reader see just what I am saying on these issues….let us return to the thought …..are sanctions hurting Russia?

Sanctions against Russia are a blessing in disguise, according toAlexey Butrimov, the general director of BJet, a Russian aviation company. Although he readily admits that the new restrictions have created significant complications for businessmen such as himself, he is confident that in the long-term, they will provide Russia with the much-needed stimulus to revive its long-dormant aviation industry. 

“On the one hand, we look at all the problems caused by sanctions with sadness, but we also understand deep down inside that we can finally resurrect our aviation,” he said. “When times are good, you don’t have much incentive to develop anything quickly. But now that we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have anything, the only path forward is to build up our own aviation system.” 

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision in late February to send troops into Ukraine, Russia has quickly surpassed longtime pariahs such as Iran, North Korea, and Syria to become the most sanctioned country in the world. Almost overnight, the U.S. and its allies in Europe and Asia moved to freeze nearly half of Russia’s financial reserves, severely restrict Russia’s access to their financial and technological systems, and ban Russian planes and ships from entering their airspace and ports. Simultaneously, hundreds of multinational corporations have either suspended or downsized their operations in Russia since the start of the conflict.
The Biden White House has vowed that as a result of these new sanctions, “Russia will very likely lose its status as a major economy, and it will continue a long descent into economic, financial, and technological isolation.” Meanwhile, on the political front, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told CBS News in April that sanctions were meant “to make it harder for [Russia] to fuel their war machine,” and thereby overtime help “improve Ukraine’s position at the bargaining table and make an outcome of this war that Ukraine wants to see more likely.” 

Are Sanctions Hurting Russia?

While the ‘news’ about sanctions would have us believe we are crippling Russia….I just do not see this as the solution to Ukraine…..why?

The US will keep shoving money up Ukraine’s butt even if the conflict ends today.

Someone is making out like a bandit without a gun…..and that is what all this lunacy is all about.

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5 thoughts on “Those Russian Sanctions

  1. The sanctions will do nothing because Russia will find other friends and allies willing to do business with them .. China and Africa come to mine for starters.

    1. John is there a reason that your site is gone again? I appreciate your comments but I would like to help you out with a site….please let me know. chuq

  2. Reports here say that the sanctions have hurt some oligarchs, but the Russian economy has recovered quickly. Oil and grain exports continue at pre-war levels, and after recent large price increases, the Russians are earning even more.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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