Gun Debate Op-Ed #2

This is part 2 of more limited series on the op-eds being published about the problems of mass shootings……

This is an FYI exercise to let my readers know the extent of the debate and the positions taken by those writers……

Yes I am a Progressive and yes I also read The American Conservative (go figure)……

Every time there is a mass shooting, the same political scene unfolds. Voices on the left begin calling for “sensible public policy” on firearms. The hosts of The View lose their minds because evil Republicans won’t fix the problem. Democratic politicians haul in money while decrying Republicans’ failure to “prevent gun violence and save lives.” The president makes a speech insisting he respects lawful gun owners, before asking when the carnage will stop and demanding a host of “common sense” gun-control measures. Yes, the left wants background checks, red-flag laws, etc. But the reform they really seem to salivate over is banning supposed “assault weapons,” like the AR-15. The issue inevitably gets debated back and forth in the media. Nothing happens at the federal level. Then, after a few weeks, the issue fades.

Why this action-less cycle? Certain voices on the left claim that America suffers from a “disproportionate influence of small states,” caused by the equal representation in the Senate and the existence of the filibuster. This argument has been used in a variety of political situations over the years when the pesky middle of the country gets in the way of what the Blue Coasts want to impose. When liberals are honest, they know that this nation was never created to be a democracy. This “problem,” then, is not a problem at all; it is an intentional check on the majority’s ability to impose its will on the nation in all matters. Also, perhaps the constant failure to pass these elusive “sensible gun-control measures” is not simply a matter of unsuccessful, stymied legislative efforts. Perhaps the existence of the Second Amendment, and a United States Supreme Court willing to uphold it, are the real issues for the left.

The Left Wants to Repeal the Second Amendment

Please keep in mind that I do NOT necessarily agree with any of the op-eds I re-post…..they are as I have stated FYI……

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10 thoughts on “Gun Debate Op-Ed #2

  1. Wait until after 2024 and maybe things will change to the point where they can do away with the constitution entirely and hand over the reins to Putin.

  2. ‘The Left wants to repeak the Second Amendment’.
    I would love to know what constitutes ‘The Left’ in America. I saw someone (American) on Twitter refer to Biden as a ‘Communist’. That shows an immense lack of understanding of politics.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The lunatic fringe of the American right think that all democrats are one form of communist or another the same as most far-leftist democrats think of right wingers as one form of Nazi or another .. It is baseless nonsense regardless of where it comes from and it shows just how under informed most ordinary working class Americans have become.

  3. It would be both refreshing and valuable to legislative discussions, if those arguing the topic were educated on that subject…..and avoided false narratives. I’m speaking largely (but not completely) of the gun control camp.

    1. gun control is subjective like the use of ‘assault weapons’…..but I agree there are too many hysterical rants on both sides….main the Right. chuq

      1. Yes we will and I believe that is a good thing…..personally it is all knee jerk reactions, all of them, there is very little thought into the so-called solutions. chuq

    2. False narratives are the newly-embraced “Reality” for those who have been brainwashed or who have chosen, for whatever the reason, to ignore the mainstream news …consequently those who have departed from the traditional American fold now live in a total new construct … a fictitious dream, an illusion of what reality actually is and they now have fabricated their own reality which has nothing to do with fact and is, for the most part, based totally on fictions that adherents find exciting or comfortable to embrace. Because of the totality of the brainwash, the people who live in this bubble think of “The Real Reality” in the same terms that we think of them and their way of thinking.

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