Pink Floyd–30 Years On

In my youth I was a huge Pink Floyd fan and that has never waned… I was surprised when I heard the new Pink Floyd recording….dedicated to the brave and beleaguered people of Ukraine…….

Pink Floyd guitarist and singer David Gilmour says he thought the band would never release new music again after the death of keyboard player Rick Wright in 2008—but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed everything. At midnight Friday, the psychedelic rock legends will release new single “Hey, Hey, Rise Up,” with proceeds going to support the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, reports Pitchfork. It’s the band’s first original new music since the Division Bell album, which came out in 1994, when Vladimir Putin was still working in local government in St. Petersburg.

The song, which features vocals from an Instagram post by Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the Ukrainian band Boombox, is based on World War I protest song “The Red Viburnum in the Meadow,” the New York Times reports. Founding Pink Floyd member Nick Mason is on drums, but Roger Waters, who left the band in 1985, was not involved. Gilmour, who has a Ukrainian daughter-in-law, tells the Guardian that he wanted to find a way to help the country. “It’s a really difficult and frustrating thing to see this extraordinarily crazy, unjust attack by a major power on an independent, peaceful, democratic nation,” he says.

Gilmour says he contacted Mason and other musicians and convened a recording session last week, using samples of Khlyvnyuk’s voice. The Ukrainian singer left the band’s US tour in February to fight for his homeland. Gilmour says he last spoke to the singer Tuesday. “He said he had the most hellish day you could imagine, going out and picking up bodies of Ukrainians, Ukrainian children, helping with the clearing up,” Gilmour tells the Guardian. “You know, our little problems become so pathetic and tiny in the context of what you see him doing.” He says Khlvnyuk was pleased with the song and told him: “One day we’ll play it together and have a good stout afterwards, on me.”

Now listen to the first new recording by Pink Floyd in 30 years….

Have a great day… well….be safe….


10 thoughts on “Pink Floyd–30 Years On

  1. I was never a fan of Pink Floyd, as I was mainly a Soul and Motown fan at the time they started having hits. But well done to them for making a fundraising record.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Great! Let my have a look for the new recording. Thanks for the news, Chuq! Have a great weekend! xx Michael P.S.: I have to apologize for my comment in the past, about the fakes news regarding to Mrs. Nuland.

  3. I am sure that the Ukrainian situation is going to be exploited for profit on many fronts. No big deal… normal way of doing business in The United States. I like Pink Floyd’s originals, particularly “The Machine” and “Dark Side of The Moon.” I always thought their music was really great for getting high on. Tokin’ and listening and groovin’ … back when I was poor as a church mouse and ripe as any Hippie could hope to be .. Yes, I was part of the Flower Generation …

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