Insurrection Update #19

And the series continues……

The defendants are getting sillier and sillier…….excuse is all they have not one has taken total responsibility for their actions……especially the veterans…..

More than 70 current and former members of the US military, who all swore an oath to defend the Constitution, are now facing criminal charges and special attention from prosecutors for attacking their own democracy by storming the US Capitol on January 6.

For these defendants, many with decorated combat records and multiple overseas deployments, their military service has become a double-edged sword in their legal cases. The Justice Department has argued that rioters’ veteran status is an aggravating factor, and some judges have held veterans to a higher standard while considering whether to send them to jail, either as punishment for their crimes or while their cases play out.
Apparently the oath of service means nothing to these slugs….burn ’em and hang ’em high.
Speaking of jail time….remember the dolt in the horns and face paint?
Prosecutors want to make an example out of the most recognizable Capitol rioter—Jacob Chansley, aka the “QAnon Shaman.” Chansley, who was seen storming the Senate chamber on Jan. 6 shirtless and wearing a horned headdress, pleaded guilty in September to a felony charge of obstructing an official proceeding. In a sentencing memo filed late Tuesday, prosecutors asked for a sentence of 51 months, which is at the upper end of sentencing guidelines, CNN reports. “Defendant Chansley’s now-famous criminal acts have made him the public face of the Capitol riot,” prosecutors wrote, calling him “quite literally” the flagbearer of the mob. Chansley left a threatening note for Mike Pence, but he is not accused of assaulting anybody.
Prosecutors said Chansley was among the first 30 rioters to enter the Capitol. The invasion “made us all question the safety and security of the country in which we live,” prosecutors wrote, arguing that such acts “must be deterred so that we never see a similar assault on our democracy again.” They noted that weeks before the riot, Chansley spread disinformation online, telling his thousands of followers on Facebook that it was time to “hang the traitors lurking among us.” Chansley, who has already been in jail for 10 months, is only the third felony Capitol defendant to reach the sentencing phase after pleading guilty, Politico reports. He will be sentenced next Wednesday.
Chansley’s lawyer has argued that his client has struggled with mental health issues and should be sentenced only to time served because he had no role in planning the riot. In February, the lawyer said Chansley had realized that Donald Trump “really didn’t love him” and would cooperate with investigators. Another Capitol defendant, New Jersey gym owner Scott Fairlamb, was sentenced to 41 months Wednesday, the AP reports. The sentence for the 44-year-old former boxing coach, who assaulted a law enforcement officer, is expected to be a benchmark in sentencing dozens of other rioters who attacked officers outside the Capitol.

This fool wants his trial moved to Maine because he is butt hurt over being called a racist…

Washington’s Scott MacFarlane offered up new details on the demand of alleged January 6 Capitol rioter Kyle Fitzsimons to move his criminal trial from D.C. to his home state of Maine.

Fitzsimons is accused of grabbing police officers during the Capitol riot while dressed in a butcher coat.

Previously, MacFarlane reported that his defense complained a jury based in D.C. will be too biased toward President Joe Biden and have been “barraged with political propaganda” — a similar argument that Donald Trump ally Roger Stone attempted to use during his own trial for witness tampering and extortion.

In the latest report by MacFarlane, Fitzsimon’s counsel is now complaining that he cannot get a fair trial in D.C. due to “significant media attention,” including stories calling him a “xenophobic” and a “racist conspiracy theorist.”

I have found over the years that most racist do not like being called a racist….(the truth really hurts)….

“I’m too white and too blonde to go the prison”….the prediction made by a defendant…..

A Texas woman who participated in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol and later boasted that she’d never be sent to jail because of it is, yes, going to jail. A judge sentenced real estate broker Jennifer Leigh Ryan, aka Jenna Ryan, to 60 days for joining the group that stormed the Capitol, reports NBC News. Ryan made no secret of her participation, posting multiple photos of herself on social media and proclaiming it “one of the best days of my life.” Her attorney maintains that she spent only two minutes in the Capitol building, but Ryan apparently didn’t help her own case with a tweet to her critics on March 26.

“Definitely not going to jail,” she wrote, per the AP. “Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail. Sorry to rain on your hater parade. I did nothing wrong.” Prosecutors requested jail time in part because of the tweet, saying it suggested she had no remorse. Ryan did, in fact, express remorse to the judge and said the tweet was just her way of responding to brutal online attacks. “I was attacked and I was answering them,” Ryan said in court. Previously, Ryan publicly requested a pardon from former President Trump. She is expected to begin her sentence in January.

Sorry she needs more time….she is not remorseful just doing what she can to try and avoid a maximum penalty for her stupidity.

One of the insurrectionists has fled the country for Belarus….

A man suspected of taking part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and wanted by the FBI turned up in Belarus and is seeking asylum. He was interviewed on Belarus state TV, who called him a “simple American whose shops were burned by Black Lives Matter activists,” the Washington Post reports. Evan Neumann is wanted on charges related to entering the Capitol grounds as well as assaulting, resisting, and obstructing law enforcement. He told the Belarus1 station he’s been in hiding, the target of “political persecution,” CNN reports. Neumann said he moved around Europe for a while, winding up in Ukraine in March where, he says, he was followed. That prompted him to try to walk into Belarus, where was found by border guards. He said he thought the assault charge against him is “wholly without merit.”

Belarus’s authoritarian leader, President Alexander Lukashenko, crowed over the Jan. 6 riot, saying, “In our country, protesters and other dissatisfied people don’t storm government agencies and capitols,” per the Hill. Lukashenko’s recent re-election—he’s been in power since 1994—was widely considered by the international community to be rigged. A spokesman for the US Embassy in Belarus, which is housed in Lithuania, told WaPo that there were aware of reports that Neumann was in Belarus, but couldn’t comment due to privacy laws

Why run?  If they did nothing wrong….why run?

More to come….

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6 thoughts on “Insurrection Update #19

  1. In my opinion, any former veteran or serving soldier who paricipated in those riots should have their military recoords amended to show a ‘dishonourable discharge’. All pensions and benefits they might receive should be cancelled, and any decorations should have to be returned. And that’s before sentencing!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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