The Price Of Insulin

As a newly diagnosed diabetic I have been amazed at just how bad the insurance and Pharma screw the American diabetics….for instance I am not a “bad” diabetic…I need 3 pills and one shit a day and this will cost me in the neighborhood of $450 a month or so…..

There was an in-depth look at the high cost of being a diabetic……

This is the list of what Laura Marston has sacrificed to keep herself alive: Her car, her furniture, her apartment, her retirement fund, her dog.

At 36 years old, she has already sold all of her possessions twice to afford the insulin her body needs every day.

Insulin is not like other drugs. It’s a natural hormone that controls our blood sugar levels – too high causes vision loss, confusion, nausea, and eventually, organ failure; too low leads to heart irregularities, mood swings, seizures, loss of consciousness.

For most of us, our bodies produce insulin naturally. But for Type 1 (T1) diabetics like Ms Marston, insulin comes in clear glass vials, handed over the pharmacy counter each month – if they can afford it.

One vial of the insulin Ms Marston uses now costs $275 (£210) without health insurance.

In 1923, the discoverers of insulin sold its patent for $1, hoping the low price would keep the essential treatment available to everyone who needed it.

And for those idiot Dems that want to save Obamacare….BITE ME!

It is time for change to come to American healthcare….stop pretending that Obamacare will save us from medical bankruptcy……Now is the time for Medicare For All……stop pussy footing around while the rest of us trying to survive.

My day is done….go enjoy yours as I will mine……

10 thoughts on “The Price Of Insulin

  1. My wife is diabetic. All of her medical treatments and drugs are covered by the NHS. Time for a radical change in the US, I reckon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Medicare does not cover this… insurance covers about 50 bucks…..and I agree…Medicare For All and PHarma reform….that could help…chuq

  2. $450 ?!!! Don’t you have Medicare, supplemental and drug plan ? I think you are 2 years older than me. Check pharmacy for discount coupons from manufacturer and Good Rx. I take Metformin, makes piss out xtra sugar, keeps A1C under 7, cut back ice cream and candy. Get eyes checked regularly for any diabetic optic nerve damage or any related diabetes vision complications.

    1. I do have Medicare and I do the things you say…..I am learning slowly but slowly… is almost under control will know more when I go next month…..chuq

  3. I have been giving our cat insulin injections for 2-1/2 years. Glucose levels for cats are similar to humans. And the insulin is expensive too. He is doing well.

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