More US Deaths

Closing Thought–22Mar19

Some sad news comes to us out of the US longest war….Afghanistan…..

Two American service members have been killed during an operation in Afghanistan, officials said.

The US and Nato Resolute Support mission said the Americans were killed while conducting an operation on Friday. In accordance with US defense department policy, the names of the service members killed in action were being withheld until after notification of the next of kin.

The statement did not specify the location of the combat or say who the soldiers were fighting.

There are about 14,000 US military personnel in Afghanistan, supporting Afghan forces as they struggle with a resurgent Taliban who now hold sway over almost half the country. They are also fihgting the Islamic State affiliate, which has expanded its footprint in Afghanistan even as its self-proclaimed “caliphate” has crumbled in Syria and Iraq.

The latest deaths bring the tally of US fatalities in Afghanistan to at least four in 2019, and a total of at least 65 US military deaths since January 2015, according to US government and Nato reports.

(The Guardian)


8 thoughts on “More US Deaths

  1. Our policy seems to be that the Taliban cannot take over the whole country as long as we have any troops there, So there we stay, thinking the Taliban will come to believe that and agree to share power.
    I din’t see why the Taliban would ever agree to that.

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