Spain 1808

The Birth Of Guerilla Warfare!

As a student of conflict (war) I have found insurgent warfare (guerillas) the most interesting……my interest was peaked while serving as a recon specialist in Vietnam for guerilla warfare was about the only warfare in town.

In seem to be the choice of the century…..from Vietnam to Afghanistan to Iraq to Somalia to Syria….the fight is no longer massive troops in a single encounter but rather small unit ops…….

But when did this type of warfare come into being?

These days it is not called “guerilla warfare” but rather “asymmetric warfare”…….(sorry had to add that tidbit in for clarification)……..

This type of warfare began when Napoleon decided to invade the Iberian Peninsula….the years was 1807…….

Most Napoleonic historians recognize in the Spanish campaign the real cause of Napoleon’s defeat. From 1805 to 1808, the French Emperor dethroned the noblest Europe sovereigns defeating Austria and Russia in Austerlitz (1805), and Prussia in the battle of Jena in 1806. Due to a series of treaties and opportune alliances the “Little Corsican” tried to bend to his will the English Empire which, thanks to the Royal Navy seapower, had control of the trade routes, but gradually lost landfalls on the Continent.

However, the Continental System imposed by Napoleon, had several flaws that still allowed England a little breathing room: Portugal, more than others, guaranteed secure access to its ports and the delivery of British food. Among the anti-Bonapartists was the Bourbons’ Spain, which had a tough time, caused by malevolent “court games” aimed at destabilizing King Charles IV. The Spaniards’ characters differed from the rest of western Europe because their culture was influenced by various rulers over centuries. Superstitions and fear of God dominated rural populations: outside the city walls, the clergy exercised absolute domination. Keep in mind that the Inquisition still played a key role in Spaniards’ lives during the Middle Ages.

Mexico has Cinco de Mayo…..Spain has Dos de Mayo……

History lesson is finished……

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Spain 1808

  1. My father used to tell me as a young teenager that it was a good thing he had had guerrilla war training so he was able to walk through my room. I do believe he thought is a mess, eh?

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