Why Is Russia The Foe?

Since I have been writing about the Russian thing I have come across many people that want to know why I am such a downer about these situations with Russia.

First, as a soldier I was in the military intelligence branch of the Army and after I walked away from that I was employed by another agency doing the same thing….so as a soldier during the height of the Cold War I have an in grown distrust of Russia….is it irrational?

I do not think so but thinking Russia is an ally is wrong and I want people to realize it before it bites us in the ass.

But I am not alone….I read a thing that talks about the two prties are still stuck in the Cold War……

President Obama’s snotty swipe at Mitt Romney was his way of saying that he did not think that Russia was our enemy. What he did not consider was that his Russia policy was simply the flip side of the same coin as Romney’s. Both over-assessed Russian relevance. And now President Trump is doing the same.

Of course, the Trump administration insists their Russia reset is not a reset because Trump called for raising NATO defense spending targets to 4%.

It is a distinction without a difference. Both lend undue relevance to what in reality is a third world dump. Both policies are predicated upon Cold War assumptions of Russian strength.


Is it good that Russia and the US are talking to each other….under normal circumstances I would say yes it is…the problem is that 2 hour meeting without any advisers worries me.

After reading like I do ….I ran across something that made me reconsider what Dear Leader and Russia are doing on the international stage….if you watch world affairs and know that China has been screwing the US on trade for many years…..is it possible that Dear Leader is setting China up?

While the progressive left sees a Russian spy around every corner, there is a very real possibility that Washington and Moscow will collude for a very big reason—and soon.

Both nations have a reason to fear a coming change in the international order that will impact them both. And as history shows us time and again, a rising power that seeks to overturn the international system can make the most dedicated enemies join forces—and fast.

I can only be talking about one thing: a growing and more powerful China.


Our Dear Leader has set up China as the enemy…and messaging that Russia as the new “ally”……

Any thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Why Is Russia The Foe?

    1. I did not say that…yes China is dangerous but we are handling it as if there can only be one dangerous regime……history has taught us that any deal with Russia will bite us in the butt if we are not careful…..there two areas of possible conflict Europe and Pacific sound familiar….we should not ignore one over the other….chuq

      1. I could not agree more…..but first we would have to cut Saudi ties for they will use us to do their bidding….and that will not happen…they spend too much oil cash on American weapons. chuq

  1. Following WW2, the Soviet Union had real suspicions of an attack on them by the allies. It is well known that many leading figures of the day (including Churchill) thought that it would be a good opportunity to defeat Stalin after the losses and material excesses of WW2, and it is arguable that only the Soviet acquisition of the atom bomb secrets stopped them doing just that. Small wonder then that Russia has been nervous and suspicious of everyone else ever since. I personally don’t think they want a war, either against the US or Europe. However, they have become very skilled at destabilising regimes, taught in part by the proven ability of the USA in doing the same thing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. As I’ve posted in the past, our current fears of some nuclear conflagration… ala the fears of the Cold War being realized… is pretty exaggerated in my book. Russia is the only other country with the capability of mutually assured destruction anyway. They have evolved to be a capitalistic nation to the point that the communist conquer-the-world ideology has been replaced by oligarchs wanting to live another day to spend more money… including Putin. He may be old school KGB in his thoughts and deeds… but he is no hard line communist by a long shot; he’s profited monetarily as much as anyone else. What he does like… as do many Russians… is a return to the days of the old Soviet Union, without the communism, that indeed was a “soviet union”; the pride of some relative imperialism and political domination of those East European nations that have since broke away.
    North Korea his no capacity nor desire to start any sort of world conflagration; his own annihilation is guaranteed after his first single missile launch. Yet America is so hell-bent on the misdirection that the goal on the Korean peninsula is no nukes.. when it’s truly all about unification (which China does NOT want).

    But.. I am not privy to all the secrets.. and I most assuredly never was an intelligence officer during the Cold War to have an insight of the Russian mind. But I have a strong sense that with communism being replaced by the U.S. dollar that the Cold War policies have largely been replaced with more economic priorities. Putin may be old school KGB but in the end that’s all he is. He’s not anywhere into world domination… because he can’t with an economy barely the same as Italy, so the best return for his rubles is cyber mischief. The old Soviet empire died primarily because it went broke with their huge defense budget.

    1. I just read a story about how Kissinger told Dear Leader to put China in a box by saddling up to Russia….I will check out the accuracy before I post…..chuq

  3. Interesting post. Churchill’s quote about Russia still stands but more importantly the often omitted last part of his statement when he says but the key is their self interest/nationalist interest.
    Trump sees China as more of a threat. Go back to his statements during the campaign. “Toe can’t trust the Chinese. They cheat, etc”
    Trump is also is an enigma. But his key is he likes Russia and not Chinia.

      1. Really? Can anyone put China in a box? 😉 And whats about India? I think we get a very interesting future, but i dont know where to leave for it. Michael

      2. They could surround Russia with forces…India is another story…they could be another problem in the making…..chuq

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