On This Day In The Middle East

You guys know how I like to drop some history some of the time…well today in 1974 was a memorable day in Middle East history……Turkey invades Cyprus……Greece and Turkey fight to a stalemate…..

In July 1974 a chain of events resulted in Turkey invading Cyprus under the pretext that it was a peace operation to bring back peace and stability to the island. The outcome of this invasion has been far reach and still impacts the island and its inhabitants today; it also impacts Turkey and the wider global powers too.

The outcome of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus has resulted in Turkey recognising the independence of the north of Cyprus from the south, but no other country doing so. To find out more about this Turkish invasion of Cyprus read on.


The island is still divided between Greek and Turkish interests…..but there is some movement to a peaceful end…..



Your history lesson is done for the day…now that did not hurt right?


2 thoughts on “On This Day In The Middle East

  1. I have a close friend whose family is from the Greek part of Cyprus that was invaded. He was born in London, but feels a great connection to the island. We have often had debates about the rights and wrongs of that invasion. It is less than 50 miles from Cyprus to Turkey, so understandable that the Turks have always claimed it is their territory, I suppose.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Cyprus has always been an interesting case for me…..I have a visitor from Cyprus and he does have some fascinating stuff…..chuq

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