High Anxiety

Did you guys see the Mel Brooks movie by the same name?

If it is Monday it must be Finland.

Today our dear leader will be meeting with his bud in waiting, Vlad Putin……after the disastrous NATO appearance many are worried what Trump will give to Putin…..

For many the meeting between the two leaders is causing this high anxiety of what Trump will give away if his ego remains intact……

U.S. President Donald Trump evidently expects his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin to be the easiest of his upcoming high-level meetings. If so, he has brought that condition upon himself.

Trump’s choleric, ignorant, menacing, and, to be honest, strategically illiterate ramblings about NATO not being in the U.S. interest and too costly, about the EU’s trade barriers, and Putin himself, have not only generated alarm across the entire Western political class, but also given Putin an inestimable victory at no cost.


Rumors are swirling that Trump is considering cancelling the “war games” in the Baltics….something that Putin would take a shine to…..then there is the possibility that Putin has already considered what to do to massage Trump’s ego and make him look like a savior of the Western world…..

The first extended meeting between the two presidents is being viewed in Russia as an opportunity to turn a new page in relations that have plunged to rock bottom over a host of issues. They include the war in Syria and the sanctions imposed on Russia for its alleged election meddling, its annexation of Crimea and support for secessionists in Ukraine.

The summit, if successful, could boost the likelihood of sanctions de-escalation, Citigroup said in a research note.


For all his, Trump’s, tough talk he is still a light weight fighting in a heavy weight bout……

All American presidents love the ceremony of these summits none more so than Donald Trump, who is addicted to the idea of himself as one of the great men making history with a capital “H.” Trump loved his recent Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un so much that he came out of it sounding like a love-struck teen-ager, bragging about an illusory deal and commending the “strong,” “funny,” “smart” dictator, who also happened to be a “great negotiator.” On Monday, in Helsinki, Trump will have his long-awaited summit with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, a meeting he has personally pursued over the cautions of his advisers and despite the long political shadow of alleged Russian influence over his 2016 campaign. Beyond the allure of aggrandizement and the mystery of President Trump’s affinity for the Russian strongman, why the meeting is taking place now remains a mystery. Is the purpose to discuss arms control? Syria? Ukraine? To rehash the 2016 election? Remarkably, it’s not clear, and that in and of itself marks this as a most unusual summit. In Brussels on Thursday, after two days of, at times, openly hostile meetings with his NATO allies, Trump was asked whether he would consider scrapping military exercises in the Baltic states neighboring Russia if Putin asked him to on Monday. “Perhaps we’ll talk about that,” he replied, to the great alarm and consternation of Europeans who had been publicly reassured by American officials that Trump would do no such thing. Who knows? Despite the buildup, the Helsinki summit, the President acknowledged, is just a “loose meeting.”


Us foreign policy wonks will be holding our breath and praying that our beloved leader does not give away the country to Putin during this “summit”.  Basically it is of no purpose…it is a “summit” for the sake of the optics nothing else.


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