The Peace Train

As I close my eyes I hear the song by Yusuf Islam……. or is it Cat Stevens?  Don’t!  They are the same person.

This post is about the pronouncements by the president and his view of geopolitics…..let’s take inventory of our President’s recent pronouncements:

This isn’t good enough for the formerly anti-interventionist “left,” with the commies over at Alternet declaring that the US getting out of NATO would be “a gift to Putin,” not to mention “insane.”  (A great quote)

I wish I could see this as some sort of “peace” movement….it is not it is as far from “peace” as we will ever get.  Those countries list above are just countries with the biggest presence of US Troops.  It is the small wars that will be the worse and the most deadly.

Once again I shall be out of pocket…..I must return to the doctor and let him sign his handy work… I may be out of touch for awhile….but never fear “I shall return” to quote another American “hero”…..if you must act the effect is gone.

2 thoughts on “The Peace Train

  1. Good luck once again at the doctor’s, chuq. I am sure all the White House silliness will still be there when you get back to the blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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