Why Not Diplomacy?

Finally back to what could be called normal.  I really do not like posting from the phone….but that is when drafts come in handy.

With North Korea in the headlines daily some are asking why we cannot find some sort of ground for a diplomatic mission.

A good question.  As it is now the back and forth between Trump and Li’l Kim leave NO opening for that possibility.  The constant Tweeting by Trump and the constant chest thumping by Li’l Kim is like two playground bullies trying to one up each other over recess.

Until an opening can be found then there will be no deals to end this mash up to war.  Best way to find an opening is to let the “bullies” go silent and put into place diplomats that have experience…..without that opening there is no sense talking about a diplomat solution.

Then there are the vacancies in the defense department and state that make it difficult to look or find a peaceful solution.

When a new U.S. president takes office the January after an election, his or her administration takes over not only the world’s strongest and most powerful military, but also a robust and complex foreign policy bureaucracy. From the moment of inauguration, the work done by the incoming president’s transition team in selecting, vetting, and nominating political appointees, as well as career professionals, who share the president’s policy agenda, is then meant to swiftly translate into getting those appointees confirmed by the Senate and installed throughout the dozens of agencies that make up the federal government.

As of September 15th, President Donald Trump had nominated 347 individuals, 140 of which had been confirmed. Compare this to the same point in the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama: by mid-September, Bush had nominated 573 with 316 confirmations; Obama 450 with 321 confirmations. And out of Trump’s numbers, only 24 individuals have been confirmed at the Department of State (compared to 83 and 86 respectively by the former presidents) and 15 at the Department of Defense (compared to 22 and 33).

Source: Do Diplomatic and Defense Vacancies Risk U.S. Security? – The Cipher Brief

Without knowledgeable people in place a situation will continue unabated until we have those resources that can spot these openings and exploit them for peaceful gains.


8 thoughts on “Why Not Diplomacy?

  1. I don’t think there can be any real constructive diplomacy with Trump in charge. He is bound to undermine any efforts, by tweeting something stupid.
    Regards, Pete.

  2. is like two playground bullies trying to one up each other over recess.

    I have seen this theme is several versions in political cartoon. It surely minimizes the magnitude of the problem and these are certainly not two school boys playing with matches. The Trump haters like the cartoon because it trivializes Trump at the expense of being mindful of the magnitude of the threat. Diplomacy with Rocket Man is like diplomacy with Islamic terrorists. Oh, let’s see now. We’ll kill only 100 people instead of 500 people and liberals see this as diplomatic success cultivating partnership with moderate terrorists which don’t exist and a silly oxymoron.

      1. Well worth reading chuq.
        I am off soon, as Greece calls next week..so I am going quiet,at least for a while.
        People never ‘evolve’ They prefer to be juvenile it seems.
        Facts of the Korean War: UN Security Council, Instrument of US led Wars, Blatantly Biased Against North Korea https://shar.es/1VqBe6 via @grtvnews

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