North Korea: Just In Case You Have Not Had Enough

By now if you have not had your fill of the North Korea situation then you are either a foreign policy nerd or you are deaf…

But just in case you need more to feed the Jones…..

We have heard all about the huge bomb they just exploded…..and of course the results could be horrific…..the problem is that it may have not been as powerful as we were lead to believe…..

In the immediate aftermath of North Korea’s sixth nuclear test on Sept. 3, experts described the blast as six or seven times as powerful as the one that destroyed Hiroshima. That measure might not even come close. According to research site 38 North, the resulting 6.1 magnitude earthquake must have been caused by the release of roughly 250 kilotons, or a quarter megaton, of energy—equivalent to 17 times the strength of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and very near the estimated maximum yield that can be contained at the Punggye-ri underground test site, report the Washington Post and Bloomberg. This assessment tops all others so far: US intelligence said the blast was 140 kilotons, while South Korea said it was 50 kilotons.

Pyongyang says it tested a hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile, but South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission has been unable to confirm that. Though the commission found the xenon-133 isotope in air samples collected after the nuclear test, other radioactive isotopes normally present during a nuclear explosion weren’t detected, reports the AP. Tritium, traces of which are typically found after a hydrogen bomb is detonated, was one of those noticeably absent. That doesn’t mean the North is misleading the international community, however. The North made changes “to make radioactivity less detectable from a distance” after a 2006 nuclear test sent xenon and krypton isotopes into the atmosphere, the AP notes.

After the test the Us has returned to the call for “fury and fire” against NK….and of course for every Tweet there is an equal yet opposite re-Tweet….

North Korea has made more of the kind of blood-curdling threats that the world found easier to shrug off before Pyongyang stepped up its nuclear program. The “Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee,” North Korea’s state agency for dealing with the outside world, issued a statement Thursday calling for the islands of Japan to be “sunken into the sea” with nuclear bombs and for the US mainland to be reduced to “ashes and darkness,” the Guardian reports. “Japan is no longer needed to exist near us,” said the committee’s statement, which also called for the US to be “beaten to death like a rabid dog” and denounced the United Nations Security Council as a “tool of evil.”

The committee called for the breakup of the Security Council, which imposed its toughest-ever sanctions on North Korea earlier this week. It called the council a “money-bribed” group that does whatever the US asks it to. Before the sanctions vote, which passed the 15-member council unanimously, Pyongyang warned that the US would face the “greatest pain” in its history. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Pyongyang’s threat to sink the country is “extremely provocative and outrageous,” the AP reports. The statement “significantly escalates tension in the region and is absolutely unacceptable,” he said Thursday.

Now that everyone has tried to out-macho the other the calls for a change for the North is required…..yep another round to strategy to deal with NK……

New sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council on September 11 in response to North Korea’s latest nuclear test are “not significant enough,” according to R. Nicholas Burns, an Atlantic Council board member who served as undersecretary of state for political affairs in the George W. Bush administration.

Sanctions must be part of a “patient long-term strategy” that includes deterrence, working closely with allies, and negotiations, said Burns, laying out the United States’ options for dealing with the North Korean crisis.

Source: A Strategy for Dealing With North Korea | RealClearDefense

The one thing that the world agrees with is the Li’l Kim has to go…..

The Trump administration has done a laudable job handling the North Korea crisis it inherited. The Obama administration had neglected the gathering North Korean threat under a policy called “strategic patience.” This followed a negotiated “deal” at the end of the Bush years that lifted important sanctions and other pressures that isolated the Kim dynasty, which followed other strategic blunders since the end of the Cold War. President Trump took office facing a nuclear North Korea that had accelerated the tempo of its missile and nuclear development programs and tests, and was close to weaponizing an ICBM. This all happened as the awful human rights conditions of North Koreans worsened, raising questions as to whether the U.S. is really leading a so called “rules-based order” in Asia. Kim Jong-un essentially “governs” a criminal state that oversees a large concentration camp of slave labor.

Source: Kim Jong-un Must Go. It’s Time For A Korean Democratic Unification. | The Weekly Standard

I love this stuff…there are as many opinions as anal cavities…..

There is your update of the positions and words and thoughts on North Korea from last week.

Don’t fret….more will come and we will be back to the same place we are today.

And The was North Korea’s “Week That Was”.


8 thoughts on “North Korea: Just In Case You Have Not Had Enough

  1. The DPRK is a story that is not going to go away. Trump should not have made threats he did not intend to carry out. Kim now feels that he is in the driving seat of the bluff game, and the rhetoric is increasing as a result.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Donald Trump, “Bombastic Man”, seems to want war more than anyone else! No horrific gesture seems too dangerous, in order to divert from Special Prosecutor’s most important business at hand

  3. Wonderful headline! 😉
    Dont worry, as long as Germany isnt testing such bombs, there are no security reasons. During the last years i understood much more why the former prime minister of Bavaria encouraged France getting the atomic bomb, and the USA which had denied.

    1. Thanx for the re-blogs…..this is a subject I will devote a lot of time to in the near future…time for these things to be destroyed permanently….chuq

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