Afghanistan–Ever Asked Why?

For almost 17 tears the US and its allies have been fighting and dying in Afghanistan.  In all that time has anyone actually asked the question……why?

In the beginning it was nothing but retaliation for the 9/11 attacks…..and then we slowly wound down into a “trench warfare” mindset….that is just do not lose this fight… matter how long it takes.

In 2010 a report about the mineral wealth of Afghanistan came out….

Untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan may be worth more than $1 trillion, a finding that could reshape the country’s economy and help U.S. efforts to bolster the war-battered government, Pentagon officials said on Monday.

Afghanistan has significant deposits of copper, iron ore, niobium, cobalt, gold, molybdenum, silver and aluminum as well as sources of fluorspar, beryllium and lithium, among others, a task force studying the country’s resources found

Source: Afghan mineral wealth could top $1 trillion: Pentagon

Some estimates have the figure at $3 trillion……

Once I read that report I then predicted here on IST that this war would never end until the last drop of wealth was pulled out of Afghanistan….

Source: Good News For Afghanistan? – In Saner Thought

A couple of days ago the prez made his now not so famous speech on what to do in Afghanistan and guess what came up in his deliberation?

Trump has his eye on valuable minerals under the Afghan soil, perhaps as much as $1 trillion worth of copper, iron, and other metals, reports Foreign Policy. He recently met personally with Michael Silver, CEO of American Elements, and heard the mining pitch. “Trump wants to be repaid,” says one source, referring to the billions that the US has spent in the nation. “He’s trying to see where the business deal is.”

And there is the real reason we remain….$$$$$$$$$

5 thoughts on “Afghanistan–Ever Asked Why?

    1. Yes I agree: follow the money. I read yesterday that Afghan. has huge gas and mineral resources. Then there’s the opium. There had to be a good reason the Soviets were willing to invest so much to “conquer” Afghanistan, and there had to be the same good reason the US wanted the Soviets out of there. We can discount religion and human rights. What does that leave? Piles of tax payers’ money to collect from this protracted/endless wars AND valuable resources.

  1. Perhaps… but, I’ll point out the simple fact the market for arms & munitions that is created by any such controversy provides ample reason for our troops (i.e., our business enforcement goon squads…) to remain there, fighting in a country that has NEVER been conquered, not in recorded history…. Even Genghis Khan gave it a pass, as too difficult a task… & this from the man who easily conquered what was the entire known world at the time….

    The promise of mineral wealth is merely a bonus round for the oligarchs….

    gigoid, the dubious

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