Closing Thought–20Jun17

Update:  The first tropical storm approaches the coast where I live…not predicted to be a strong storm but will get a bunch of rain and some wind…we should be safe from any major damage….this time.

Speaking of the “first”…….

Have you guys ever read a story or report that made you sit up and ask…..WTF?

Well, I read one that made me ask that question and shake my head….

It appears that some cultures still hang on the old belief of the purity of the woman they are about to marry…..yes I am talking about that virginity thing.

A story out of Tunisia about a procedure that is being done to solve that problem for some women……hymenoplasty.

In Tunisia, young women are expected to be virgins when they marry, leading to a growing trade in hymen reconstruction surgery.

Yasmine (not her real name) looks nervous. She’s biting her nails and checks her mobile phone constantly.

“I consider this to be deception and I’m really worried,” she says.

We’re on the fourth floor of a private clinic in Tunis – the gynaecology service. Around us in the pink waiting room, other women wait patiently to be seen.

Yasmine confides in me that she is having a hymenoplasty, a short procedure that promises to reconstruct her virginity surgically.

Source: The Tunisian women who want to be virgins again – BBC News

Personally, I do not understand this fixation on virginity….but then I do not have to worry about it.

What happens if the news gets out of which doctors are doing this….will there be a religious backlash?

What about the women themselves?  If found out will they be safe?

Wave bye bye….time for me to shut it down for the day….back tomorrow with more stuff….chuq

10 thoughts on “Closing Thought–20Jun17

  1. This surgery is well-known already, and even goes on in the UK, and other parts of Europe.
    So many suffering genital mutilation to avoid experiencing sexual pleasure, when others are spending money to pretend they are virgins. The world is just crazy, no doubt.
    Good luck with that storm…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Screw hymenoplasty! I(um.. pun intended there) I’m waiting for when they get penis transplanting down to a science. The problem will be finding donors.
    You know… it would be possible for that part of one’s body, if it was of appropriate dimensions, to be passed on through continued transplanting and the original donor could live forever… performing into many lifetimes.

  3. Oh.. by the way… when I got the report that Trump won, that was my WTF moment.

  4. “It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge.” — Voltaire

    Just another symptom of a sick culture, one that denies the very roots of its own nature…. SIGH….

    Enjoy the storm, my friend; there are bigger one’s coming, I think….

    gigoid, the dubious


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