Donald Trump is pragmatic, not ideological

This Not An Endorsement.

Every media outlet is scrambling to determine what type of president Trump will be….and a recent op-ed in the Washington Times offers some insight….

Cozying up to Russia, questioning the “one-China policy,” disputing CIA intelligence and naming several generals and billionaires to his Cabinet, Donald Trump has set aghast many foreign policy analysts, economists, security experts and mainstream journalists who are accustomed to orderly thinking and a pretense of what they view as principled decision-making from Washington’s political leaders.

Sadly for them — but not for the voters who elected Mr. Trump — the president-elect has no big, idealistic vision of an orderly world to anchor American international policy or limit strategies at home to resurrect the economy.

Mr. Trump lacks John Kennedy’s inaugural confidence that America has the wealth and will to bear any burden, endure any price to defend freedom in every corner of the world. Nor does he embrace Barack Obama’s sense of American responsibility and guilt to risk our national prosperity, cultural identity and security to promote an ethereal global community.

Source: Donald Trump is pragmatic, not ideological – Washington Times

I do not totally agree with this piece I offer it up as a discussion piece… please do not deride my posting this….by pressing it does not mean I endorse the thoughts contained within it.


18 thoughts on “Donald Trump is pragmatic, not ideological

  1. I’m surprised at the tone of the article for it being MSM. There are some really good points made though, and the reference of the “angry eagle” to the “arrogant dragon” was amusing. So few things about Trump I’m sure about, but one I am sure about is his approach to problems. It makes sense that he would draw on Business 101 to deal with foreign issues of fiscal policy and trade. Him calling Taiwan, or Taiwan calling him, while probably done in the best of intentions, was certainly done on purpose by one or both parties to send a message to China. One this is for sure, it’s going to be an interesting 2017.

      1. I still think the reference to The Art of War in the movie Battleship is better than anything I’ve managed to figure out, lol

      2. I missed that movie…but there are many of those on the list…LOL I have never been on Facebook…they want too much info for me….

      3. Not really, but I’m a science-fiction fan and anything alien in nature, whether a horrible movie or not, I’m watching. Besides, I love the game Battleship and how can anything with explosions and American triumph over the alien invaders be “bad”?

      4. I too am a sci-fi fan and explosions are the bomb….a little blood and guts ain’t bad either…LOL

        I must be off….honey dos and all that….I will look for you later today….chuq

  2. I am waiting to see if he lives long enough to take the job…. still a lot of days between him and the WH…. and, the oligarchy has the funds to hire the best… which means you’ll never know until it’s done…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I have been thinking about it and I am writing about his chances of not finishing his 4 years….should be ready if I would get off my ass…LOl chuq

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