Mississippi Proves Itself Again

I live in the great state of Mississippi or as I call it, The Great American Cultural Wasteland….there should be a sign on every highway leading into the state that says “Welcome to Mississippi….Set Your Watch Back 150 years”……

Before I go any further I would like to share breakfast…..hash brown casserole, eggs, bacon and biscuits…..and about a gallon of good Sumatran coffee….now I am ready to face my adoring public….(tee hee)…..

Mississippi seems to always be at the top of every list of bad things like heath, pay, income, et al….and at the bottom of every list of good things…..recently a list was issued of the healthiest states in our great union……and we did it again!

What is the healthiest state in the USA? For the fifth straight year, the winner is … Hawaii, according to America’s Health Rankings. The Aloha State snagged the top spot for its low rates of uninsured people and obesity, though it scores above average for excessive drinking, reports USA Today. In last place was Mississippi, which fell the only place it had to go from No. 49 last year, faulted for problems including widespread childhood poverty, low birthweight, and smoking. (Iowa, at No. 17, was the most improved state.) The annual ranking relies on CDC data on a range of health and well-being measures. Here are the top five:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Connecticut
  4. Minnesota
  5. Vermont

Click for the full report.

Now this could explain their propensity to elect idiots both national, state and local…..idiocy begets idiocy……

Okay my friends….it is Sunday and time to do something completely different…..whatever that might be….

See you guys tomorrow for more stuff…..


3 thoughts on “Mississippi Proves Itself Again

  1. Maybe it has to do with the name, starting with “miss” as in we’re missing something. Maybe they should hold a raffle for a new name, like Foundissippi (sounds better already) or Addissippi (that would put it at the top of the list alphabetically, thus it may get more of the federal crumbs) or all the other states should hold bake sales, the proceeds in help of Mississippi’s hungry. If nothing else it would be entertaining watching the bureaucrats jockeying for organizational positions. It’s Sunday AM here and I’m trying not to engage anything too deeply; I’ve been pissing off too many people lately… Is there more than usual tension in the air?

  2. off topic
    chuq, check out what is going on in Jordon…spilling over.
    as for health…forget it….
    I do not like wot is going on….
    meanwhile….things ain’t looking good…
    right, back down that rabbit hole.
    from across the pond.

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