Tea For The Tillerson

Tillerson?  How many are scratching their heads wondering what the Hell I am going on about?  Kinda reminds me of an album by some guy who use to go by the name of Cat Stevens…..but this something more serious.

Rex Tillerson is the appointee by Trump for SecState….he, Trump, interviewed many for the position…Romney, Rudy, Mr. 9/11 and others….first I think Romney was interviewed just to make him jump through hoops because he did not support Trump from the beginning……Rudy was just a pat on the back for being an incoherent pundit during the election…..but Tillerson?  Who the Hell thought he was a good idea?

Good question and there is an answer……

Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state wasn’t exactly his—at least not initially. Just two weeks ago, Trump was torn in trying to choose from one of four leading contenders: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Bob Corker, or David Petreaus. Then the name of Rex Tillerson surfaced. The Washington Post reports that while a stymied Trump was speaking with former defense chief Robert Gates, he asked Gates if he had a different name to suggest. “I recommend Rex,” responded Gates. The previous day, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice floated Tillerson’s name in a meeting with Mike Pence. Rice and Gates are partners in the international consulting firm RiceHadleyGates, and they know Tillerson because ExxonMobil is a client.

Trump “seemed intrigued,” Gates tells the Post. “It was not something he had considered.” CNN reports that Stephen Hadley, former national security adviser to George W. Bush and the third name in that consulting group, also expressed his support for Tillerson to Pence. Former secretary of state James Baker, who knows Tillerson because his firm has represented ExxonMobil on various business deals, similarly voiced support. Trump then met with Tillerson twice. “As soon as he met him, he told people that Tillerson is the kind of guy that walks in a room and commands respect,” a transition official tells Politico. Trump “liked Romney, liked Rudy, but Tillerson was a stronger guy. He liked his strength.” In statements on Tuesday, both Rice and Gates said they were thrilled by Trump’s pick.

All Exxon cronies must stick together….it is the code of cretins on the Right.  Kinda like Cheney and the Halliburton connection….this is how the “elites” roll.

I just realized that the American people have NO idea who has been appointed by Trump to fill the many positions in the government…..so being an upstanding sort of guy I give you the list…..

An index of those appointed to high-level positions in Trump’s Cabinet, the White House and key agencies.

Source: Who Is In The Trump Cabinet, Sub-Cabinet And White House Staff : NPR

You are welcome….for now you have NO excuse for being ignorant.  But then some do not an excuse, huh?

8 thoughts on “Tea For The Tillerson

  1. I’m afraid this one may lower the tone a little…

    I have noted there are 15 cabinet positions, not counting the VP (don’t worry, we won’t forget him…)

    I then noted there are also 15 letters in the sentence “fuck you very much”; don’t you think each of The Trumpet’s picks represents a letter? I do, but, I doubt many of the American voting public would even notice. To me, each pick was the direct opposite of what he promised in his campaign, to get rid of the elites and professional thieves in DC…

    Seems pretty clear he’s just another liar; of course, with him, given his history, it’s most like congenital. He doesn’t seem to know how to tell the truth at all….In fact, I’m pretty sure he takes pride in it…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Oops… see? I did forget the VP. We’ll just call him the exclamation point, to wit: Trumpet’s message to his voting public… “Fuck you very much!”


  2. This proves my point that regardless of left, middle, right, liberal, conservative, etc., they’re all elite and they’re all getting wealth, have it already, or getting more wealth. The government is like a bank that was “too big to fail” before anyone noticed it may be too late.

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