PTSD: Silent Killer

I know most Americans have heard of the disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)……I have even heard some people accuse soldier of faking such problems as cowards or worse……WW1 had “shell shocked”….WW2 had “combat fatigue….Vietnam forward it has been PTSD or some variation.

PTSD manifest itself in many forms…depression, flashbacks, nerves, suicide etc… matter what it causes in the individual its leading cause is….WAR!

There is historic evidence that PTSD is not a modern disease made up to gather in grant money……….

It’s not uncommon for modern-day soldiers to return from Iraq suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But now it turns out that soldiers who fought there 3,000 years ago did the same, say UK researchers. They’ve found texts dating back to 1300BC in which warriors in ancient Mesopotamia describe symptoms that sound very much like PTSD, reports the Telegraph. The earliest previous account of PTSD-like symptoms came from the Greek historian Herodotus in 490BC, which would make this the first description of the problem, says one of the lead researchers from Anglia Ruskin University.

“They described hearing and seeing ghosts talking to them, who would be the ghosts of people they’d killed in battle—and that’s exactly the experience of modern-day soldiers who’ve been involved in close hand-to-hand combat,” professor Jamie Hacker Hughes tells the BBC. In that era, men were expected to fight every third year, and they were more likely to die of injuries sustained in battle given the lack of medical know-how, he adds. “The risk of death and the witnessing of the death of fellow soldiers appears to have been a major source of psychological trauma.” (One report suggests that only about half of US vets suffering from PTSD are getting the proper treatment.)

PTSD is a SILENT KILLER and should be a top priority for the military to confront and help treat this affliction……

To anyone that thinks this is some how a made of problem……then I suggest that they get off their ass, grab a gun and go face the trials of WAR……OR SHUT THE HELL UP!

6 thoughts on “PTSD: Silent Killer

    1. Thanx…..I have heard many say that it is some sort of cop out……I know first hand also….my closing statement sez it all, at least for me…..chuq

  1. One of things that bothers me is that many private organizations like the Wounded Warrior program and the VFW request donations to help our returning vets to deal with a host of problems, which PTSD is at the top of that list. Their intent is good because the need is there. By why in the hell do we have to rely on private organizations to provide this service rather than our government who sent our men and women to war. If we have no other obligation to these people who put their lives at risk when they go to war in our name, then why aren’t we doing all we can as American taxpayers to ensure they return to a world where their health issues are always addressed and there will be a job waiting for them.

    If no sacrifice is greater than those who serve then why are we not committed to an equal sacrifice in treasure to restore them to a state of normalcy after experiencing the horrors of war?

    1. Amen! I am pleased that someone else sees the hypocrisy of this …….this country has learned NOTHING from the wars from Vietnam until today….we still treat the returning vet with a degree of disdain….that is pathetic and dishonors anyone that has served this country.

  2. Absolutely! Every day there are commercials on TV requesting donations for the Wounded Warriors. The photos and videos are heartrending. Veterans Affairs should do whatever it takes to care for our heroes. They are all heroes. The Wounded Warriors project should be part of Veterans Affairs. They are doing a great job, and should be funded by taxpayers. After all, they keep us safe with their service.

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