What To Do About Syria?

My readers know I keep a watchful eye on the Middle East…not only did I work in the area but I still have friends….some of whom are in Syria……so I watch and write…..

Assad must go……Assad cannot remain……we mkust do everything to rid Syria of Assad…..the world will be a better place with Assad gone……….remember all those cute little diatribes from about a year ago?

But what has the world done to rid Syria of Assad?  A little aid here and there……few weapons here and there……humanitarian aid, too little……what has the world done?  The best answer is give AQ a whole new battle ground to use in their recruiting….and they seem to better at it than the opposition…..t6he world is creating a stronger AQ that eventually they will have to deal with…..yet again.

But with all that said….I need to answer the question…….

Well the west has an idea…..will not be popular but they are thinking about a resurgent AQ not the safety of the Syrian people……in a piece written by Jason Ditz…….

Members of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) report that they have been told by Western officials that they believe President Bashar Assad must remain in power to prevent an al-Qaeda takeover of the country.

“Some do not even seem to mind if he runs again next year,” noted one SNC member. That’s not sitting well with the SNC, but it may not matter.

Western diplomats confirmed the shift, saying that the rebels have been warned that any “transitional administration” would have to include a major presence from Alawites, and that Assad could stay as president with “diminished powers.”

If the rebels reject that plan “they will lose most of the West,” one diplomat said, reflecting the dwindling confidence in the secular rebels’ ability to accomplish anything on their own.

This appears to be only one of the possibilities the West is exploring, with both the US and Britain openly talking to Islamist rebels about backing them as the new “pro-West” rebels.

At what point does this all just become a chess game and it was NEVER about the civilians being killed and maimed?



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