My Name Is “Lucky”

Always a joy to post a good heart warming story about dogs…..I have said many times and will say it many more…..dogs are da bomb!

This story is just one of those that gives me a warm feeling down to my toes…too many dogs and cats are put down every day….they do not deserve that but thanx to us humans we have made it necessary……and then I see a story like this one and……..

(Newser) – Two years after he was put in a steel box and gassed with carbon monoxide, a beagle mix with a knack for survival will be proudly riding a float in Pasadena’s Rose Parade. Daniel was six months old when he was placed with 17 other dogs in a gas chamber at an animal control center in Alabama. Workers were amazed with he survived—scared but unscathed—and they reached out to animal rescue groups, finding a home for him with New Jersey motivational speaker Joe Dwyer, the AP reports.

Dwyer says Daniel’s story of survival has helped bring laws against the use of gas chambers in animal euthanasia in 31 states, reports the Star-Ledger. The pooch will be riding the Lucy Pet Foundation’s float with seven other shelter dogs in the New Year’s Day parade. The foundation, which runs mobile adoption and neutering clinics across America, chose Daniel as its spokesdog. ‘”He’s definitely one of the most joyous, happy dogs I’ve ever met in my life,” Dwyer says. “I think his positive attitude is why he’s survived.”

If you believe in a supreme deity then he/she intervened and saved this pup…..there was a purpose that he needed to fulfill……okay wipe the tears away……..Daniel is a “lucky” dog….just wish more were so lucky …….they need to be treated with respect and love….the same emotions that they give us mere humans……


6 thoughts on “My Name Is “Lucky”

      1. It is, isn’t it. Carbon monoxide poisoning would trigger survival mechanisms, and that would produce terrible trauma. Inert gas asphyxiation is painless. The brain has no idea there’s no oxygen in the air and unconsciousness comes on in under 30 seconds… stress-free. It’s horrible that they even have to be put down, but for the love of humanity do it humanely.

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