Crisis Of Our Own Making

Day 16–Tic Toc a/holes!

I have often written on the extent of the problems our government is now experiencing….I had written such notables as “the best government money can buy” and “The American people get the government they deserve”.  The American voter has NO one to blame but themselves….this dysfunction was brought on by several causes…, the lack of voting….second, allowing money to decide the election outcome and third, confusing slogans for truth.

In the past couple of years this dysfunction has picked up the pace….but what could be the major cause of this?

(Newser) – It’s easy enough to complain about Washington gridlock, but “every country has the government it deserves,” said philosopher Joseph de Maistre. We’re the ones who put the politicians in power, but when you look at the recent results of an international skills survey, it would seem we’re not quite qualified to do so, writes LZ Granderson at CNN. For instance, we’re 16th in literacy proficiency; lower scores there make people more likely to “believe that they have little impact on the political process,” the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s report said.

For a more anecdotal look, how about those late-night talk show street interviews: “Many of those people who said they could name the president—but not the commander in chief—will soon be standing in a voting booth, armed with a ballot,” writes Granderson. Yet a Gallup poll finds that education isn’t among Americans’ top five concerns for the country. How do we fix the problem? Early childhood education would be a start—but a survey last year (PDF) found us way behind on that, too. Click for Granderson’s full column.

This has caused a break down in the democratic process……for instance the Congress NO longer represents the majority and this is causing a problem that will not go away anytime soon.  And thanx to these games America may well look different in the near future……

The shutdown will not end soon, and when it does the resulting America will not be pretty if Republicans have their way. Republicans have dispensed with “defunding Obamacare” talk and boast that with the shutdown they are “strengthening their hand in the debt limit talks.” With the full faith and credit of the United States hanging in the balance, they will crash the economy if they do not get their way because their goal is eliminating the federal government and what better way than bankrupting the nation so there is no Social Security, no Medicare, no Obamacare, no domestic programs, and no chance of any American ever escaping poverty let alone have healthcare. Whether they crash the economy, or decimate government social programs for the people, Republicans intend on having the celebration they have lusted after for 80 years when killing New Deal provisions began the long journey to where America is today; being held hostage by a group of home-grown conservative terrorists.

It looks like America is a long way away from finding that saturation point for stupid!

We can reverse this direction but it will take work by the voter……sad to say….I do NOT think they have it in them!  LAZINESS!


6 thoughts on “Crisis Of Our Own Making

  1. I touch on this issue myself Dr. Chuq in my own post this morning:

    People who call themselves conservatives seem to be attaching themselves to insane political and economic philosophies simply because they are under the illusion that even bad Republicans are better than any qualified Democrat. Score one for the linguistic engineers within the GOP that have convinced too many of our citizens that all Democrats are “socialists” and want to institute “death panels” through “socialized medicine” while generating more revenue for “welfare queens” by engineering a “death tax”.

    It is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a democracy when people don’t take the time to look beyond the veil of outrageous claims or who haven’t developed basic critical thinking skills.  Blind loyalty to a one-Party system replaces a democracy with an oligarchy.

    1. Larry, right on target…well done. I miss the days when I could debate a conservative…..but those days are gone and gone for good…..we are now a nation governed by crisis….

      1. Well, a sweeping victory in 2014 (recapturing the house) will help. Sadly, this series of on-going incidents have motivated the Chinese enough to say, “Excuse me, but we’re going to take that baton from you because you can’t be trusted.” And they have a point.

      2. These TPers are gonna kill what little is left of the republic….and there will be thunderous cheers for the ‘mavericks’…..we can only pray for sanity…..

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