Immigration 2.0

When the Congress is inactive, which is 90% of the time, we are beat down by the media with such fluff as Zimmerman, Beibs peeing in a bucket, planes, trains and other assorted garbage… as usual there is little making news….I mean reports that actually impact average person’s life…..with all that said I need to return to an issue I wrote about earlier this week…..Immigration.

I wrote that the immigration issue was looking good for passing because business would make out like a bandit with no gun from the contracts the bill would produce… I need to revise my optimism and admit that I may have been wron…..wro….wr….mistaken.

It appears that the GOP optimism from a month ago maybe dead and the GOP is looking for ways to oppose and then defeat any attempt for a comprehensive immigration bill.

Some of the influential voices on the Right are now having doubts about the issue……

(Newser) – As the House GOP meets tomorrow to begin hashing out immigration reform, two prominent conservative voices have some advice: Kill the Senate version that just passed. It “is a comprehensive mistake,” write Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and Rich Lowry of the National Review. “House Republicans should kill it without reservation.” (This is a “rare joint editorial from two of the most muscular conservative voices in the land,” observes Mike Allen in his Politico Playbook blog.)

Kristol and Lowry, who note that they’ve disagreed previously on immigration reform, say the Senate bill is “riddled with exceptions, loopholes, and waivers” in terms of enforcement. As a result, it won’t actually solve the problem of illegal immigration. It also tilts too heavily toward low-skilled labor, is too large in scope, and was put together in a “hasty manner.” What’s the rush now? they ask. Republicans should resist “political panic,” hold off in case they retake the Senate next year, and then work on a better bill. “Passing any version of the Gang of Eight’s bill would be worse public policy than passing nothing,” they conclude. “House Republicans can do the country a service by putting a stake through its heart.” Click here or here for the full column.

Looks like the GOP members of the House are listening to the voices from the Right……..

(Newser) – Immigration reform has no chance in the House, top Republicans privately tell Politico. GOP leaders, after many listening sessions, say that even the most popular parts of immigration reform will be difficult to get through; ultimately, they predict what Politico calls “a slow, months-long death.” The site compares it to what happened with gun background checks: Conventional wisdom (that background checks were too popular to kill or, in this case, that killing immigration reform would be too risky in terms of alienating the Hispanic vote) simply proved wrong, because most House Republicans care more about catering to their mostly conservative white constituents.

  • Critical talks on immigration reform are taking place today, with House Republicans coming together to decide next steps, the Hill reports. On the Democrats’ side, President Obama and Joe Biden are meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus today for a strategy session.
  • Not surprisingly, the White House is cheering the comprehensive immigration reform bill today, with a new report estimating the bill would increase GDP by 0.3 percentage points over two decades, encouraging job creation, job growth, and worker productivity. The report also says budget deficits would decrease.
  • Also today: George W. Bush will deliver a speech at a naturalization ceremony, during which he will note “the important contributions of immigrants to our society and economy,” according to a statement. But the speech won’t get political or push any specific agenda, a rep tells CNN. (Though Bush does want reform to pass.)

So what has happen in a month that would torpedo the optimism that was felt by the nation?

My feeling it is the upcoming elections in 2014.  While immigration reform polls high for the nation….it polls low in most congressional districts…….the GOP can oppose Obama and immigration and most will not fee any blow back in the election.  You notice that the border security is being pushed…..the reason is if they can get that then the whole comprehensive thing will be DEAD for the foreseeable future……and NO one will feel any pressure from the voters back home.

A sad way to run a country……but the old saying is…”the people get the government they deserve”…….it is time to put the country above elections and do the right thing….if you cannot do that then go home and work at you chicken farm……(an obvious reference to WW2)…………


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