Talk About A Bad Trip!

I recall that during the wild 60’s I tried a lot of stuff to alter my perception… of the better was the original LSD…the stuff that could help one see and talk with God….and all thise trips I took I never had a bad one….unless watching it raining and thinking the window pane was melting…..and then there was my religious experience…..I was looking down a long pipe and saw the face of God….it appeared as a very intelligent ape with g;lasses and a glass of wine….no conversation too k place…

What I am trying to come around to see this poece on a dude that had what I would call a “bad trip”……….

(Newser) – Something weird is in the mushrooms in Michigan’s Ypsilanti Township: Police say a man ripped off part of his own penis, almost killing himself through blood loss, after taking hallucinogenic mushrooms. Cops found the naked, screaming man outside a school after responding to a late-night burglar alarm, the Detroit Free Press reports.

“He really wasn’t saying much at all—a lot of yelling and screaming,” a police spokesman says. “He wasn’t making sense. They couldn’t really communicate with him in terms of constructive conversation.” The man, a Columbus, Ohio, native, was nearly dead by the time they got him to hospital. Police say he has no history of mental illness or extensive drug use and blood tests will be carried out to see if the mushrooms were laced with anything.

A whole new definition for “jerking off”……Please share your thoughts…..Besides……..OUCH!


4 thoughts on “Talk About A Bad Trip!

  1. The only time I had a bad trip was on some apparently “dusted” marijuana I smoked in the early ’70’s. Most of my synthetic highs were usually pretty pleasant and harmless. No self-inflicting behavior here.

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