Why Libertarians Are Basically Cult Members | Alternet

Remember this is someone else opinion….I post it to see if there are any readers that take exception…if so, please explain……


Why Libertarians Are Basically Cult Members | Alternet.


18 thoughts on “Why Libertarians Are Basically Cult Members | Alternet

  1. It was written by something on alternet. Neither it nor the creature which wrote it are really worth considering, much less taking exception to. Providing them with an audience just validates them when Americans should be silencing them through shunning instead.

    1. Hi jonolan thanx for stopping by….always nice to have an open minded libertarian comment…..sorry but all opinions are worth considering that is how we learn…….

      1. I’m not libertarian exactly and being open-minded is counterproductive past a certain, early point in knowledge of a person or group.

        And no, not all opinions are worth considering, just as even those which are worth it are not equal in that worth.

  2. Libertarianism is new and still evolving. The idea wrought by John Locke, Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, and the Founding Fathers is the only real revolution going. And it’s still unfolding.

    Thomas Jefferson said, “Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him?”

    Because men are not angels, we have a Constitution to limit government strictly to just those functions that most people can’t comprehend being handled outside of government.

    But libertarians aren’t the ones making a fundamental mistake.

    Government is force, pure and simple. There’s no way to sugar-coat that. And because government is force, it will attract the worst elements of society – people who want to use government to avoid having to earn their living and to avoid having to persuade others to accept their ideas voluntarily.

    And so libertarians don’t want to leave the governing of our morals to society’s basest members.

    Libertarians are the only ideological activists I know of whose actions are consistent with their own principles.

    They don’t say that government is too big and then propose ways to make it bigger.

    They don’t say our government shouldn’t meddle in foreign countries and then demand that it run to the aid of some foreign nation.

    They don’t criticize government programs on fundamental grounds and then propose that government give them something they want.

    And that’s why I’m a libertarian.

    1. Hello Owen nice to hear from you again……I will agree on the morals thing…..something I do that has NO harm to anyone but myself is of no importance to the government….on government programs as long as we live in a rigged society that allows only a small amount of citizens to actually succeed then I am for programs that help people…..when that changes I may change…

      1. ” as long as we live in a rigged society that allows only a small amount of citizens to actually succeed”, good thing I live in America where a large number of American’s can and do succeed if they are willing to put in the effort.

        It is the socialist states and communist states that hold people down so that they have no chance to succeed.

      2. FL, the US economy today is doing all it can to make this a 2 class system……effort is everything but not the only thing…

      3. I agree that effort is not the only thing, all though enough effort can over come most obstacles if you have a good plan.

        But I would disagree that it is our economy that is creating a 2 class system. Our economy does not thrive in a 2 class system, so we need to ask who does… politics. It is the politicians that want a two class system and it is the left side of the political monster that thrives the most when there is a large lower class that depends on the government for basic necessities (food and shelter) and that lower class thinks it can only get those when the left is in control of Washington DC.

      4. Politicians are to blame….but most of them only do what their corporate handlers want….and they control the economy and so in a round about way…it is the economy….

      5. well, if we have to reduce the power of either the economy or politicians I vote to weaken the politicians. The less power the politicians have the less power the corporations can assert through politics.

      6. Corporate leaders have had power for too long to relinquish it….sad but true….as long as they control they will have everything their way……..

      7. I agree, and as long as we allow the government to have more and more control over us the corporations will be able to use that political power for a price they are willing to pay.

  3. The real problem with libertarianism, aside from the incompatibility of social freedoms and corporate support, are that it is impractical. It ignores the basic realities of existing in an actual society, and instead pretends that a utopia of absolute individual freedom is possible wherein one can gain all the benefits of a society without having to live up to any of the responsibilities. It is a childish philosophy. It is not a cult. A cult would require a central figure to worship and revolve around that figure head, like Randianism.

    1. Torch, thanx for the comment and I apologize for the delay in my reply…life gets busy at times…..

      Like I have said before there are parts of libertarianism that I can agree with but as a governing philosophy….not so much.

    2. You are correct that corporations won’t support a Libertarian candidate because libertarians don’t support corporate welfare, but it’s up to the voters to education themselves and vote accordingly.

      To think that anyone believes that they can have “absolute freedom” is a bit of a straw man argument. I’m not looking for a utopia, just a society where the federal goverment lives within the confines of the Constitution, doesn’t encroach on the States and stays out of the business of other counties.

      As for our current financial predicament, I think John Maynard Keynes qualifies as a cult figure head.

      1. The concept of states rights is an out of date concept that is only used to avoid responsibility, which is the typical modus operandi of both libertarians and conservatives. I used to consider myself a libertarian, then I matured and realized there was more to life than just my concern for individual liberties and furthering those. Without ensuring we are all free, none of us are free. Many heads of large corporations consider themselves libertarian. They don’t support libertarian party candidates, though they did support Ron Paul, for practical reasons, not philosophical. They want to use the machine of the Republican party. It isn’t about belief. They’re happy to help you destroy yourself and the republic.

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