In Bed With Al Qaeda?

I apologize to my readers that find the Middle East a bit tiring…..well it is tiring….but I have no choice I have a grad degree in Middle East Studies and have worked and lived there…..I feel obligated to tell the stories that are seldom told in the Western media….there is more going on in the region that most Americans are aware of on any given day……please bear with me  I will get back to other stuff soon…..thanx for your patience…..

We hear many stories in the media about AQ…many of them are true….we Americans hate the very name, thanx to 9/11….we detests anyone and anything AQ….but does the rest of the West feel the same way?  England should because of the attacks, right?

On to another subject……oil!  We know how important oil is to our economy and our lives….and we all know the influence that OPEC has on the world and the prices of oil……

Now to tie the two thoughts together……

From a site called “Staff & Scrip”……

The decision of the European Union to lift the embargo on Syrian government’s energy exports by importing oil from the ‘armed opposition’is another flagrant violation of international law. It violates the UN General Assembly declaration of 1962 on Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources and is yet another violation of the 1981 UN declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States. But it is much more than a technical violation of the law. It marks the decent of civilization into barbarism.

London and Paris, have more than Washington, been at the forefront of aggression against Syria. In spite of the fact that it has now been confirmed by most media sources that the Syrian ‘opposition’ is Al-Qaeda, London and Paris persist in their insane drive to arm the terrorists, using the spurious argument that if they don’t arm the ‘moderates’ the ‘extremists’ will take over the country. However, in thewords of the New York Times, ‘nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of’. [1] The fact that the Syrian ‘rebels’ are in fact Al- Qaeda has even been admitted by the war-mongering French daily Le Monde.[2]

So, Paris and London are pushing for further arming of Al-Qaeda and the legalization of oil trading with the jihadi terrorists. In plain language this means that the loose, terrorist network known to the world as Al-Qaeda will soon become one of the EU’s partners in the oil business

Read more…

I am still working on verifying the info…..if I find something different I will post on it………..

How will that sit with the American people?  Probably will not matter.  As long as they keep their cars that use 2 gallons to the mile then they will smile and pay the money….caring little that AQ will be in control of their addiction….


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