An Answer To Immigration

Yes, we have a pope today!

While the battle of the budgets is playing out…..there is another issue that will be arriving………

Soon, very soon the airways will explode with the rhetoric on the path of immigration that the US will travel…..we will have hard core people that thinks this country is only good enough for white people and then those that think everybody should be welcome……the truth be known the answer will be somewhere in between the two extremes and a very watered down bill that everyone can claim victory when it is signed………and then there is the answer that I like…….and it would not cost much money to implement……

(Newser) – Hey buddy, wanna be a US citizen? How much is it worth to ya? Because if it’s enough, you can stay, as far as two writers at Stanford’s Hoover Institution are concerned. “We propose that, instead of the current maze of rules and formulas, the US should sell the right to become a citizen,” argue Gary Becker and Edward Lazear in an op-ed via Real Clear Politics. A $50,000 price tag “would attract those who place the highest value on citizenship,” pulling in young, enterprising immigrants “more likely to be positive contributors to the economy.”

This proposal, they argue, would “enhance the country’s stock of human capital,” spur growth, and even reduce the federal deficit. Poorer immigrants could pay with a loan, with installments extracted directly from their paycheck to ensure they don’t default. Current citizens could “pay the fee of immigrant relatives who matter the most to them,” encouraging “the best kind of family reunification.” All of this may sound radical, they admit, but it would “be a more open and fairer system than the one we have now.” Click for the full column.

Since the US is the capital of capitalism then this is the best answer for the country and we could not be accused of being so much socialist or whatever derogatory form one chooses to accuses of in the future…..

Whatcha think?  Good idea?


11 thoughts on “An Answer To Immigration

      1. If they rally behind this absurdity it’ll be another death nail. Why won’t a John Huntsman (for example) split from this insanity and start a new party? He’s got the money to at least attempt it…

      2. John Z., personally, I liked Huntsman……the whack-a-doodles have taken over the GOP….it is time for another party to emerge…..

      3. Yeah, I didn’t mind what i saw and heard of him either. For your countries sake the modern Teapublican Party have to be buried. The Deputy PM in Australia (Swann) called it this way: “Let’s be blunt and acknowledge the biggest threat to the world’s biggest economy are the cranks and crazies that have taken over a part of the Republican Party.”

  1. “Whatcha think? Good idea?”

    Hardly. This merely allows a better opportunity for criminals to plant their seeds in this country. I’m not big on the threat of terrorism but by opening this door it makes it too easy to send in an operative and create a base for selling drugs, running guns and recruiting others for dastardly deeds. The right wing wonks at Clear Channel are clearly of the low mind set that money is the answer to everything but only if they are on the receiving end. If banks too big to fail can’t handle their assets ethically and then later fraudulent process foreclosures, why would we want to trust them to take some poor latino’s life earnings to pay back a debt to merely have a shot at a job that may or may not pay minimum wage or may be shipped overseas in a few short years?

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