Is Rubio For Real?

2013 CPAC begins today and I will watch the doings to see who will be building their props for a national run……..

Marco Rubio is everywhere!  Fox News, SOTU response, letter against Hagel, everywhere….a lead man on immigration ………….it is as if they are trying to set him up for a presidential run in 2016……remember Jindal, his first appearance was a disaster…….Mr. Vaginal Probe of Virginia was a disaster……..hopefully the GOP is using their heads in this not so subtle attempt to make Rubio a candidate…….

But is he for real?

Hydration issues notwithstanding, Marco Rubio is in a strong position in terms of the 2016 presidential race, writes Nate Silver in the New York Times. Rubio is “reliably conservative,” which would help him in the primaries, and his favorability ratings are solid, which would help him in the general election. (Silver knows it’s early to be worried about primary season, but he notes that the “invisible primary,” in which candidates woo party insiders, is already under way.) Rubio’s challenge will be to maintain his popularity as voters learn more about him and realize his positions are pretty much the same as those of his Republican rivals. (His support of immigration reform is an exception to the rule.) Great political talents, such as Reagan and Obama, have “the ability to sell ideas to voters across a wide range of the political spectrum,” writes Silver. It’s too soon to know whether Rubio is in their league, but his White House prospects hinge on the answer. Click for Silver’s full column.

We will see who buys this ad campaign.  Thoughts?


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