Why The Hate?

I am sure that if you watch or read news reports you have been subject to the attacks on labor unions…..they have been blamed for every bad economic trend in this country……from expensive cars to problems in the schools to voter fraud to….well pick an issue and some mental midget will blame it on unions……..and all the misinformation has been used by red states to want to make their states right-to-work states (anyone who thinks that is a good idea then Google Mississippi stats)…….

If you work for a living then unions have help get you should horrible things as…….8 hour day, overtime, 40 hour week…..workmen’s comp……on and on……..

Union membership is at a 97-year low in America, with just 11.3% of workers belonging to one. Because you’re probably not one of them, you probably don’t care about this low point—but you should, writes Eric Liu in Time. Not only do unions lift wages for their members, they also lift wages for the rest of us “by creating a higher prevailing wage,” Liu writes. “The presence of unions sets off a wage race to the top. Their absence sets off a race to the bottom.” But most Americans don’t see it that way—rather, many see unions “as special interests seeking special privileges, often on the taxpayer’s dime.” But consider this: Workers in unions are making a better wage, and are thus less likely to rely on government assistance. “The weakness of labor is everyone’s problem—and its revival everyone’s opportunity.” Click for Liu’s full column.

Before someone thinks they have me pegged….let me say….while I believe that unions have done more good than harm….I do not like the bureaucratic structure….to my thinking the head of a union should make only 20% more than its highest paid member….but as long as we have this sort of set up….unions will be nothing more than expensive lobbyists…..

I realize that most Americans will buy into the BS spread about unions….all I can say is all that wanted to be a right-to-work state…….welcome to low ages and crap jobs……and then it may be too late to remedy the situation…….what’s the old saying, “crap in, crap out”……


9 thoughts on “Why The Hate?

  1. The demonisation is not just going on in the US. Unions are being crushed in Australia, a country which used to proudly go by the name “Workers Paradise!”

  2. I think that, like you pointed out, the bureaucracy of large unions are giving bad names to efficiant smaller unions. This is much like corporations. Large corporations that abuse the system, like GE and Walmart, make smaller efficiant corporations look bad.

    I personally live in a right to work state and am very happy about it. I like to be able to freely negiotiate my wages on my own. I recognize the positive things done by unions when they where needed, I also recognize that some unions do good things today. But I also am thankful that we have good work place regulations and laws to protect workers, this makes the need for unions much less.

    1. FL, the problem is that most right to work states do not negotiate income…you either take the job for the money or you do not….makes no difference to them…..I also live in a right to work state, has been that way always…..nothing has improved for the working stiffs……low wages and crap jobs……corporations are the only winner with the right to work state……

    2. lobo, there is plenty of facts that show that Right To Work(RTW) states create more jobs.

      “Since the recession ended in June 2009, almost three out of every four jobs added to U.S. payrolls have been in Right to Work states (1.86 million out of 2.59 million), even though those 22 states represent only 38.8% of the U.S. population (120 million). In contrast, only about one of every four new jobs were created in forced-unionism states (730,000), even though more than 61% of Americans live in those 28 states (189 million). Relative to their population, the Right to Work states have been job-creating powerhouses during the recovery, and forced union states haven’t even come close to “carrying their weight” in terms of their share of the population.”

      I know you will argue the “low wage and crap jobs” is all that is being created, but have you considered that those are the only sustainable jobs? If you where of working age, would you rather work for a higher wage for 6-12 months or would you prefer to work at an average wage and maintain that job for years? Ask the workers of Hostess how the higher wage jobs are working for them.

      1. FL, then explain why purchasing power of the people is declining…..facts are facts….all I can go by is the types and quality of jobs in my area…..first, there are no forced union jobs….I have been a union organizer and there is nowhere that I worked that anyone was forced to join or contribute to the union…..that forced comment is a pure lie….look at cars….we were told that the high price of cars was due to the massive paychecks workers were getting…they no longer get that….has the price of cars come down?

      2. “explain why purchasing power of the people is declining”, easy one… Quantitative Easing. The federal government, with the help of the federal reserve, are hiding true inflation behind low interest rates that do not reflect the reality of the economy. In order to do that they are pumping billions of new money in to the system every month and it is killing the value of our money.

        “there are no forced union jobs”, go talk to a teacher. In non-right to work states a teacher has to pay union dues to teach. That is a forced union job.

      3. If one joins the union they owe dues…..maybe where you are but not so here…..sorry, I stated where I was working there are no forced union jobs…..sorry again…..you cannot coerce people into joining a union…..it is illegal…..

        So you are saying that the Fed is at fault, right?

      4. The Federal Reserve, in conjunction with the policies of the treasury department and congress, are the leading contributors to the devaluation of our currency. I am technically minded and very analytical, so I always have trouble saying that one thing is the cause of anything, but saying it is the Feds fault is close enough to the truth that I would agree with that.

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