A Mental Test

Mental Health Test for Guns


4 thoughts on “A Mental Test

  1. Interesting how liberals like yourself can make light of something so serious. And it is serious. I don’t think gun-control has any hope of passing anytime soon, but the mere suggestion that the Second Amendment be curbed is serious. We’re talking about our rights, Lobotero. Without them, tyranny can grip hold.

    The problem with Americans is their willingness to believe that America is immune from all the horrors they’ve read in the history books. We’re not. America is special, I’ll grant. But we’re not so special that things like communism and fascism cannot touch us.

    To be perfectly honest, fascism already has shown its ugly head in America. Under the administration of FDR, 120,000 American citizens were stripped of their rights, rounded up, and thrown into prison camps. If that isn’t fascism, then what is?

    Eisenhower warned of the “military industrial complex,” a form of corporate fascism that I believe killed John F. Kennedy. Once it was clear that Kennedy was not as keen as Johnson on Vietnam, certain companies were poised to lose billions of dollars in defense contracts.

    Kennedy wanted to win Vietnam, no doubt. But I don’t for a second believe the Vietnam quagmire would have been Kennedy’s. I don’t believe things would have escalated as far as they did if Kennedy had not been assassinated.

    Nobody will ever convince me that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

    1. Oswald was a mediocre shot, based on information obtained from his military records. Yet, amazingly, he pulled off three shots from a cheap rifle in only a few seconds, hitting Kennedy twice? One of those shots being a perfect kill-shot?

      Then he…? Runs away? Scoots outside before the cops swarm the building? .No. He buys a bottle of Coke 14 seconds after the shooting and sits down in the cafeteria.

      I’ve seen all the programs on television. I’ve seen all the shows that aim to debunk the conspiracy theories, but I find them unconvincing.

      Not to make this into a discussion on Kennedy, but I wanted to clear up why I think Oswald was, in fact, a patsy.

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