What The Leak Exposed

Last month there was a story about the leaked documents of the top secret type that was headlines for a couple of days then went sorta silent…..but there is still stuff being gleamed out of the documents….

This story is about our man in Ukraine, Zelensky……

Volodymyr Zelensky apparently isn’t satisfied with merely repelling Russian troops. The Washington Post reports that in private talks with his generals, he has been pushing for aggressive attacks within Russia and even for occupying Russian villages. The story is another based on leaked US intelligence reports that first surfaced on the Discord messaging platform. For example:

  • “In a meeting in late January, Zelensky suggested Ukraine ‘conduct strikes in Russia’ while moving Ukrainian ground troops into enemy territory to ‘occupy unspecified Russian border cities,’ according to one document labeled ‘top secret.’ The goal would be ‘to give Kyiv leverage in talks with Moscow,’ the document said.”

At other times, Zelensky suggests bombing a Russian pipeline that delivers oil to Hungary as revenge for Hungary leader Viktor Orban’s support of Vladimir Putin, and he expresses a desire for long-range missiles to strike within Russia. US officials did not dispute the accuracy of the leaked documents. Zelensky himself tells the Post that suggestions he wants to occupy Russian villages are “fantasies,” but he also makes clear that Ukraine has the right to resort to unconventional methods. “Ukraine did not occupy anyone, but vice versa,” he said. “When so many people have died and there have been mass graves and our people have been tortured, I am sure that we have to use any tricks.”

Read the full story.

I understand the desire for revenge for the invasion….but I also understand why he needs to practice some restraint or he could put his ‘allies’ ass deep in a war that few of them want.

My question is if these ‘top secret’ documents were made public then why are we not getting more information about them and what is truly happening in Ukraine….I for one do not believe all the hype and war mongering.

I say give us all the information undiluted by the cyber machine and let us decide what is what…..some of us are still capable of critical and rational thinking.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

15 thoughts on “What The Leak Exposed

  1. I, myself, have the ability to produce secret documents that detail the exact procedure about how to go about purchasing a large iconic bridge on the very best credit terms available and without any collateral whatsoever. Interested, are we?

    1. I would lose no sleep whatsoever if I learned that Ukraine had given Russia a good measure of its own medicine. You see what Russia did to Germany in the second world war, do you not? Same scenario different time frame.

      1. Revenge carnage……Ukraine needs to do that and draw the US and the idiots in NATO into an all out war…..then our young can die once more because old men sit on their asses. chuq

      2. One way or another, the threat posed by Russia to the world must be brought under control.

      1. Any secret documents that I write would be about my Walter Mitty Life and would be unsearchable.

  2. Restraint ? In WW II USA bombed our enemies destroying factories and means of production. If the enemy can produce and produce with complete non interference can conduct war forever. In the meantime, Ukraine soon won’t have a single building standing. Yes, attacking Russia does create terrible possibilities but it seems this war will go on forever if Ukraine thinks reclaiming captured territory that has been reduced to rubble points to victory and end or war.

  3. I have some sympathy with Ukraine wanting to take the war to Russian soil by using long-range missiles to attack Russian border towns or cities. Only because it might bring the war home to ordinary people in Russia, possibly starting wider dissent. But occupying those towns or cities with troops seems pointless to me, as it would stretch Ukrainian resources too far.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Tit for tat is interesting but that would expand the war simply because NATO is ass deep in the country as it is. chuq

  4. Chuq– your question, “Russia cannot beat Ukraine and they will rule the world?” has got me to thinking that Russia might not be the scary monster that I once thought it was. If Russia is “Vulnerable” then it is time for the rest of the world to put some handcuffs on it so that her aggressive territorialism can be controlled.

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