OMG! Do We Agree?

I have said a lot of things about the so-called ‘Freedom Caucus’ and its members….and none has been kind so when I read what a couple of its members are proposing I found myself in agreement….(the horror)

MTG and Gaetz have offered a couple of ideas that I can say that I agree with but mostly in principle.

MTG has introduced a bill that would audit Ukrainian aid…..

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has reintroduced a bill that would force an audit of all military aid the United States has sent Ukraine since the Russian invasion one year ago.

Greene’s legislation comes as the U.S. has committed tens of billions of dollars in military assistance since Russia invaded Ukraine last February. The Georgia Republican introduced the resolution of inquiry in the House on Friday, marking the one-year anniversary of the invasion.

“It’s going to force Congress to give the American people an audit,” Greene told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday. “And that is exactly what the American people need, an audit of Ukraine, because we have no idea where all this money’s going.”

Greene’s resolution calls on President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to hand over all documents or financial statements detailing “purchases, recipients, and government expenditures” that were “directed to the nation of Ukraine — whether in regard to military, civilian, or financial aid,” according to a copy of the resolution obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Then there is Gaetz who has offered up issues that I could support….

First his bill on Ukraine….

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a resolution on Thursday that calls for an immediate end to US military and financial support for Ukraine and urges the warring sides to negotiate a ceasefire.

The Ukraine Fatigue Resolution was led by Gaetz and received 10 other co-sponsors. If passed, it would express that it is the sense of the House that “the United States must end its military and financial aid to Ukraine” and urges “all combatants to reach a peace agreement.”

Throughout the war, Gaetz has been critical of US support for Ukraine and has previously called for an end to the policy. “President Joe Biden must have forgotten his prediction from March 2022, suggesting that arming Ukraine with military equipment will escalate the conflict to ‘World War III,’” Gaetz said in a statement on his resolution.

“America is in a state of managed decline, and it will exacerbate if we continue to hemorrhage taxpayer dollars toward a foreign war. We must suspend all foreign aid for the War in Ukraine and demand that all combatants in this conflict reach a peace agreement immediately,” he added.

The other co-sponsors for the resolution are Reps. Andy Biggs (AZ), Lauren Boebert (CO), Paul Gosar (AZ), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Anna Paulina Luna (FL), Thomas Massie (KY), Mary Miller (IL), Barry Moore (AL), Ralph Norman (SC), and Matt Rosendale (MT).

Gaetz’s resolution notes that the US has already authorized over $110 billion to spend on the war in less than a year. The introduction comes after a series of escalations of US military aid, including M1 Abrams tanks, and Ukraine is now seeking fighter jets from the US and its allies. Each escalation risks a direct clash between Russia and NATO, which could quickly spiral into nuclear war.


His next idea is another one that I can get behind… involves Syria and US troops….

Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced a resolution to force the House to vote on directing President Joe Biden to remove the U.S. military from Syria, where they have been involved since 2014, the Florida Republican congressman’s office announced Wednesday. 

Gaetz, a House Armed Services Committee member, filed the one-page War Powers Resolution on Tuesday after four U.S. servicemembers and a working dog were wounded in a raid that resulted in the death of a senior Islamic State leader.

The House must vote on Gaetz’s proposal within 18 days of its introduction because of the special status granted to war powers resolutions. If the resolution passes, U.S. troops must be removed from Syria within 15 days.

“Congress has never authorized the use of military force in Syria,” Gaetz said. “America First means actually putting the people of our country first — not the interests of the Military Industrial Complex.”

While these are excellent ideas I find it hard to believe that a Repub would go contrary to what the M-IC wants….this smells a lot like political theater and not rational proposals.

These probably will go nowhere basically because the lobbyist control all votes in the Congress….and these will not be popular with those with all the cash.

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32 thoughts on “OMG! Do We Agree?

  1. I have no opposition to an audit of aid to Ukraine nor the removal of our forces from Syria….where we’re quite literally preventing Syria/Iran from gaining the northern oil fields. I mean, we’re enabling the Syrian Kurds to have autonomy…but their ‘independence’ is likely not a reality.

  2. As much as I agree with 99.99% of what you say, I am afraid that I cannot agree with any collaborative thinking that gives credit or credence to any enemies of The American People including the two crazies that you have referenced. Both of these slugs are part of the Putin Faction of the Republican Party and every word that proceeds from their mouths is designed to be deception or to cover something more nefarious and dangerous to democracy than what is uttered. Please do not pull a Lou Dobbs on us.

  3. Useless, vile, Putin Loving traitors –every word spoken designed to deceive …I do not give those two slugs the time of day —

      1. I am so sorry to hear that — I will send you some healing light and hope that things improve.

  4. During a hearing this week, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was humiliated after promoting a report from the Global Times to justify the end of military aid to Ukraine — only for the witness to point out the Global Times is Chinese state-run media.

    1. John I never said he was right all the time….he is an idiot….along with MTG all I said was that two ideas that I go support at least in principle. chuq

  5. Gaetz modeled his objections to continued support from an article he read in “The Global Times” which is a propaganda outfit closely controlled by the Chinese Government. Are you still going to support his actions? Remember he is one of the right wing fringe lunatics who belongs to the Putin Loving party. (My opinion.)

  6. Global Times – Wikipedia

    Wikipedia › wiki › Global_Times
    The Global Times is a daily tabloid newspaper under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, the People’s Daily, commenting on …
    Political alignment: Chinese Communist Party
    Format: Tabloid
    Headquarters: No.2 Jintai Xilu, Chaoyang Dist…
    Publisher: People’s Daily
    ‎History · ‎Editorial stance · ‎Incidents · ‎Reception

  7. What does Gaetz think a negotiated settlement would look like? Russia’s idea of settlement is that Ukraine surrenders and be annexed by Russia. That is Putin’s negotiation offer and he’ll take no less. All and any offers by Ukraine will be automatically rejected. Gaetz needs to understand that negotiation is not a resolution when one party (Russia) doesn’t have to negotiate anything. Putin expects to win.

    1. There was more to the post….my approval is a plan to bring Americans out of Syria….there will be no peace until the US says there will be.

      1. I suppose we are there because its a long-time Russia ally. I think Russia wanted to run a pipeline through Syria to Europe. So many ancient Christian shrines and buildings were destroyed in that area: Damascas and Alleppo.

  8. Although I think that Ukraine should have to account for the billions given to the country by the west to lengthen the proxy war, I draw a line at agreeing with anything said by MTG. She will have some other crazy agenda, undoubtedly. The woman should be in prison. First, for instigating race hatred, second for sedition.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Johnrieber — do not attempt to reason with people with settled political opinions. Most of them do not hear you. If they did hear they would not understand. If they did understand they wouldn’t care. Thus it is with American exceptionalism in this free society of ours —

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