Zelensky’s Great Expectation

My regulars know that I am not a fan of all the funds and stuff we are pouring into Ukraine….I believe that this is just a funnel for the corruptible…..and we continue to feed that machine….just as we have done with other countries that we are saving from anarchy…..

The newest report coming out of Ukraine is that they are basically demanding the West (meaning the US) must guarantee their security…..

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday welcomed a proposal drawn up by senior Ukrainian officials and a former NATO chief that outlined a plan for security guarantees Kyiv would seek from Western countries.

The proposal emphasizes Ukraine’s desire to become a NATO member and says that until Kyiv joins the Western military alliance, it needs security guarantees from other countries.

The document says that the “strongest security guarantee for Ukraine lies in its capability to defend itself.” It says building up a sufficient defensive force requires “a multi-decade effort of sustained investment in Ukraine’s defense industrial base, scalable weapons transfers and intelligence support from allies, intensive training missions and joint exercises under the European Union and NATO flags.”

The security guarantees Ukraine seeks from other countries is a commitment for them to support Ukraine’s ability to create this force to deter future attacks through military aid, funding of reconstruction, training, intelligence sharing, and joint exercises.

According to the document, the countries Ukraine wants security guarantees from include but are not limited to “the US, UK, Canada, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, and Nordic, Baltic, and Central European countries.”

As part of this arrangement, Ukraine seeks a “massive training and joint maneuver program of Ukrainian forces and partners on Ukrainian territory with international trainers and advisors.”

Zelensky on Wednesday welcomed the plan, which was drawn up with the help of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a former NATO secretary-general. Zelensky said that the report “should become the basis of the future security compact.”


Join NATO?

Is that not the major reason that Russia invaded?

This is nothing more than a demand for an open-ended deal to continue the funneling dollars and bombs into Ukraine indefinitely.

And this will happen come 2023 and the spineless creeps we have in our Houses of Congress.

Just another incident of the US saving ‘democracy’….like Iraq and Afghanistan to name the most recent failures.

Open you damn eyes!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


9 thoughts on “Zelensky’s Great Expectation

  1. All the attention on the Ukraine situation will end once Trump is elected president again. After that, Americans will be scrambling to gather the ashes of their own country.

  2. Our new Prime Minister is in America today, pledging more endless millions to support Ukraine. This at a time when people in Britain cannot pay fuel bills, and many are using food banks to get enough to eat. Zelensky wants us to fight his war by proxy, and to keep that up indefinitely.
    I want to see where all the money has gone. Get some accountants out there, and examine his financial records.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Is that not the major reason that Russia invaded?

    Actually, it’s not. As long as the Donbas conflict existed…..there was never a path for Ukraine to join NATO. And UKR government corruption ensured that most NATO member states would veto the addition, were it ever to come to fruition.

    Ironically though, Russia’s reckless disregard for the sovereignty of it’s neighbors….is leading to signals by other regional nations, that they’re seriously considering leaving the CTSO.

    1. I do not think the corruption will end…especially with no accountability….It was a bad idea for UKR to join NATO and it will remain so. chuq

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